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  1. Ah you're a champ Brig! Will let you know most definitely. many thanks :thumb:
  2. Yes, thats what I would expect to happen the most too. However, where do we draw the line on this? Can Aktiv kapital keep doing that? I do not want to have to keep writing to different people forever. Surely, it has to stop somewhere?
  3. Hi Brig Do you really think that is likely at this stage in their game? I mean, if that's their plan, why did they not have Scotcall or Ruthbridge do that?
  4. Hi people, Just as an update to this thread, I have today received a letter from Ruthbridge in which they confirm my letter to them and have noted the "issues" I have raised. They have been in contact with Activ Kapital ltd who have "advised" Ruthbridge to return the account to them so that they can deal with it directly. Ruthbridge also confirm that they have closed the account at the their end and that I will not be hearing from them again regarding this matter. However, they state that Aktiv Kapital will soon be in touch with me themselves to discuss the "issues" I have with this
  5. Thanks for your replies. Yes there was TNT written on the top right hand corner of the envelope. My response went to the main address at the top of their letter and was signed for by them on receipt of it the day after I posted it. Just thought it was odd that there was so many different addresses. Thanks for the input Brig.
  6. Thanks for your reply dx. I thought it would be a case of ignore.
  7. Hi All Just an update on this thread. Last week I sent the letter that Brig outlined for me to Ruthbridge via special delivery. They received and signed for it on the 26th Oct (Proof obtained and kept). I heard nothing until today. I get a letter from them dated 26 October (only received today so that's five working days to get to me????) completely ignoring the letter that I sent them and basically, to sum up, containing the following: 1.They note they have had no response from me regarding my "defaulted" account. (Yes they have) 2.They want to offer 65% discount. (??) 3.T
  8. Thanks for that Bazooka Boo. The letter Brig supplied me with has gone out today. I will keep this thread updated with any further responses I receive from them regarding this particular debt. Many thanks to all once again.
  9. Thanks for all of your replies guys and for the letter Brig. Much appreciated. I will send that off later today. To Dx, this is an old Barclaycard Debt from way back in 2001 that would have become statute barred in 2007. It does not show on any of my CRA files at either Callcredit, Equifax or Experian (or Noddle for that matter)and I am a member of all 4 so check my files regularly. From the above comments though, I am still not 100% clear on who I should be reporting them to. Oh, as an aside, I suppose I should mention that I had several debts back in 2001, none of
  10. Hi All I recently wrote to ScotCall regarding an old statute barred debt which they were trying to get money for on behalf of Activ Kapital Ltd. In response to the statute barred letter I sent ScotCall, they did the right thing and confirmed that they had closed the account and were returning it to their so-called client at Aktiv. However, despite my insisting that ScotCall advise their client of the contents of my letter, Aktiv Kapital have now just passed the same statute barred debt on to a DCA called Ruthbridge. I have received a letter from Ruthbridge making the s
  11. Yes, I know, I have already written to them about all of that and they have stopped chasing this debt. I was just updating the thread so that other readers can see what the outcome was. There is nothing worse than reading threads and not knowing how the person ever eventually got on with their case.
  12. Hi All Just to update people. I posted off the SB/Doorstep letter to Scotcall. I basically got a reply from them saying that they have noted my dispute and closed the account. I will not be hearing from them again regarding the account but that they are sending the account back to Aktiv/BCW group and that if I want more info to contact them directly. I am just gonna wait and see which one I hear from next, if at all, and then go from there. Just thought I would let you all know.
  13. Thanks mate. They didn't put that on my letter! There's no e-mail contact addy at all. I wonder why? In any case, I have decided to skip the e-mail after reading other threads and just go with the recorded delivery post. Thanks though for all your advice and I will post back when/if I get a reply from them.
  14. Oh just a thought, can you tell me which e-mail address you used for Scotcall theratboy? The only one I can see for them is enquiries@scotcall.co.uk. Also did you just send your e-mail or specifically mention The Compliance Manager?
  15. Okay yeah, many thanks you peeps for helping out and taking the time to read my replies. I think I will try e-mail first and see how I get on with them. If I have any problems I am sure I will be back.
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