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  1. Consider doing fifteen hours work first or less if the employer will let you, this can be classed as permitted work and will not effect your ESA if the work is accepted. http://www.entitledto.co.uk/help/Permitted-Work-Rules
  2. Pensions prior to conversion 45465 * Certain pension payments or PPF periodic payments, described at DMG 44716 et seq, do not fall to be deducted from ESA(Cont). In addition any pension payment or PPF periodic payment is disregarded (1) where 1. the claimant was entitled to IB immediately before conversion to ESA and 2. IB was not reduced by a pension or PPF payment (2) because 2.1 the claimant was entitled to DLA care component at the highest rate (3) or 2.2 the claimant qualified for IB under the provisions for those incapacitated in youth because of previous entitlement to SD
  3. I will show her this thanks for the reply . I don't think the store took her name and address but the police did for the ticket and she signed nothing at the store , do the police pass her details on to the store then. The police said she didn't have to tell her employer but I think she should take your advice or think about it. She has no money worries and it was a genuine thing but I can see the stores point of view as well
  4. Please can someone offer me some advice for a dear friend. She is beside herself and cant stop crying and I don't know how to advise her. Last week she had a massive panic attack and stepped out side the supermarket with a trolley of shopping about £50s with she is on medication as well. An assistant took her back into the store and called the police, they come and she explained the situation but they wanted her to go to the police station in a few days time but she got upset so he advised her to admit the charge and they gave her the fine. She didn't even have a parking ticket be
  5. I agree, you need first to sort out your HB then read this http://www.rightstobenefits.com/mental-illness/care_needs_dla_and_aa.htm its sets out te discriptors for DLA care if you feel you still meet them, appeal. Your ESA claim may be a long way away yet, you may be one of the last to go across and that may be the beginning of next year. Also if you win your DLA appeal you will get more DLA, and get back your entitlement to SDP and I.S. SDP is payable on ESA too Thanks Nystagmite corrected
  6. I think you would as you would be iro of ESA IB http://www.nhs.uk/Pages/HomePage.aspx but I would phone NHS Direct and check, they will be able to tell you
  7. Its a bit complicated to explain but You are on ESA conts, you have a pension, you can apply for Carers Allowance, if you are caring for over 35, hrs. You should have no problem and awarded entitlement to Carers Allowance. But because you have ESA conts CA will not be allowed to pay you CA, as its an overlapping benefit, in other words you cant have these two at the same time. These two being ESA conts and CA Your Pension by the way does not effect CA. So instead of CA in payment the CA unit will award you Underlying Entitlement to CA U/E. This means that you are a carer f
  8. I agree with Sillygirl check but it depends on what ESA you are on ESA IB or ESA conts. and if ESA conts did you transfer from IB, and if you did, what year you made your claim to IB, transistionally protected but Pension income rules If you receive contribution-based Employment and Support Allowance and have a gross pension income of more than £85 a week, the amount of benefit payable will be reduced by half of the excess. The excess is the difference between £85 and the actual pension income. For example, for a pension income of £100, the excess is £15. The amount of Empl
  9. no no no you read that wrong :) I meant your HB questions If you are thinking of appealing DLA, you need to do it straight away, and if you need help you will get it here... just either start a new thread, or bung your questions on this one... dont delay in this you have a month.....
  10. Hi A2o, all your Housing Benefit questions answered. Your I.S may have stopped but you of course will get your I.B and DLA. I.S have closed you claim now and sent you the letter. Our I.S screens are linked to HB and do inform them. But I have to say this doenst always happen and I would if I were you contact your LA, Council Monday as suggested and tell them yourself. They will sort it out for you and send you out the forms and if you contact Monday hopefully there will be no break in your entitlement to HB You will transfer to ESA before summer 2014 all will be across
  11. Thanks for the extra details. You must have had your DLA care reduced to Low Care. The letter they have sent you is a standard award letter, computer generated and hard to understand even by Einstien I am taking it you are a single person over 25 living on your own. you would be entitled to I.S made up of Personal Allowance £71.00 Disability Premium £30.35 total 101.35 payable if you didnt have your IB now I.S is a means tested benefit and you have an Income IB, you say this is £105.05 so you have more coming in to your hou
  12. I dont honestly know how things will go for you but you have a lawyer on board and am sure they will give you all the support you need
  13. Hello A2o, have read you post and I think I may know what has happened. Ok, there are offices doing reviews for other BDCS, these offices are called BICS. Now I presuming your local office is Plymouth and the BIC who sent you the form Chelmsford. BIC sent you an A2 to review your claim this is commn, they give a month to return the form You sent in the form and they reviewed it and have closed your claim. You mention your DLA has gone down, is this middle rate care or higher removed and down to low rate care..... Are you in receipt of Incapacity Benefit? I am thinkin
  14. maybe someone just ran through your claim and issued a notification and award letter..
  15. Its a cross over, stop worrying if possible they will quickly sort this out for you. maybe a quick call Monday and see if they have had your letter, will do no harm
  16. WTC, CHB, CTC, HB claim as a couple........ and of course his wages
  17. Megamog stop worrying. as said they will suspend the benefit, as you have told them about going over the limit. they will look at the case, ref to DM, you will not recieve CA at this point, when they have decided what weeks you werent entitled they will raise the OP. put your CA into payment and send to Debt who will recover it weekly... Now how on earth can a letter IUC be coming you only told them this week.... you have admitted everything and sent them proof so what would be to gain anyway for them
  18. First I would phone Carers Allowance Monday, Ask them to confirm that you have indeed U/E entitlement to Carers Allowance and from what date was it first awarded. You have confirmation then from them Right with regards to your capital, remember 6k will be disregarded and then £1 tariff income applied for for every £250, so say you have 10k, then it will be £16 tariff income. So if you definately have under 16k ring the ESA contact centre. ask for a call back, Speak to the section, most important Tell them you are entitled to the carers premium and should be in receipt if ESA
  19. ESA the joys... All premiums on ESA are paid via ESA IB.. This means any one on conts gets the premiums as a top up through ESA IB. But first is the thirteen weeks assesment then Support or Wrag, you will get a top up after being placed in either. Then its at this point premiums would be applied. But reading back you say you may have capital over 16k so this will stop the entitlement to ESA IB top up, and in a nutshell means no carers premium.
  20. Ok then couple of questions Does your mum still get DLA care middle or higher? Does anyone claim CA for her? Do you care 35 hours for her? Are you on ESA conts or ESA Income Based do you know?
  21. All cases are different but reading the CA notes on claims the earnigns rule is complicated and it happens a lot. The CA unit suspends the claim, looks at the evidence, makes a decision, you may be with out CA whilst this happens. After the DM has looked at the claim they may decide you werent entitled to CA for the weeks you went over. They will calculate the OP, then put your CA into payment again. The OP will go to DEBT you can appeal this or just lest them collect each week from your CA Sometimes though people work full time and claim CA and carry on, then there are scans that pi
  22. No CA is not means tested, as the OP said she was on I.S I pressumed she and her husband werent working. as the earnigs were for a past period before the I.S claim but there are earning limits of £100 after tax etc.... Thinking now, the partner may have made the claim as a lone parent as he moved away into rented property how then did the OP get on the claim? Unless the partner claimed CA and then claimed I.S on the grounds of it then the OP can be on the claim from the start
  23. The LA or JCP must have been looking in to this for some time, they will have been gathering evidence on this ready for their case All she can do is be honest with them it would be for the best she and all she can do now. The mother seemed to encourage her in my opinion and that not good either I dont know how long it has been going on for but may result in an overpayment of both I.S and HB
  24. You should be ok, they will raise the overpayment and take it weekly from your Carers Alowance. You realised the mistake, gathered the information and informed them.
  25. The properties you own and rent may if they had been declared to Income Support may have been disregarded for a certain period, of at least twenty six weeks. If these properties are in negative equity, rented out and the mortgage covers that rent and you have no Income from them, then they may have been disregarded after a decision by an SDM for at least a period of twenty six weeks. If by any chance eldery relatives rents them off you they may be fully disregarded. It is alll looked into by the DM If the DM had disregarded them then it would haveat again a been reviewed agai
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