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  1. it gets worse my boiler has now broken again but they are refusing to come out or guarantee there original work because I haven't replaced the flue that didn't need replacing so I've now got no heating no hot water and no money because they haven't refunded my costs for getting out my engineer for a safety test I really don't know where to go from here.
  2. Thanks for all your help, I will phone them first thing and let you know what they say.
  3. Have done that but they are unwilling to uphold a complaint because they believe that the engineers actions were correct even though its been proven that the information he gave me was false.they said that a flue could fail one day and pass the next, something which oftec said would not happen Thanks Kerry
  4. he is not registered with oftec or gasafe because according to sw he dosnt have to be
  5. they are not registered with oftec or gas safe and according to insurance he didnt have to be as oftec is not compulsory
  6. i should have said its an oil boiler so does he still have to be gas safe registered thanks kerry
  7. Hi all, I have home emergency cover through Sheila's wheels and I've had a major problem with a recent visit by one of there engineers. On the 30th October my boiler stopped working so I called the home emergency number and they sent out an engineer the next day, he looked at the boiler and stated that the pump had gone so he fitted a new one all was fine and he gave me a readout of the boiler readings then after about five minutes the boiler went bang he turned the boiler off and then decided that the flue had collapsed and that if I used the boiler my 2 children would be killed so of course I was very scared. He took the fuse out of the boiler and told me he would phone the insurance company, I phoned the insurance the next day and they said they were waiting for a report off the engineer.this went on for over a week by this time I was getting desperate with no heating or hot water.they finally come back with a quote of £1950 because the flue liner had to be replaced as you can imagine I was a little shocked so I phoned my normal service engineer out for a second opinion he came out and did numerous tests on the flue and said in fact there was nothing wrong with the flue and the boiler was not only safe now but had been at the time of the first engineers visit as the carbon monoxide level was at 2ppm and the safe level was 50 I then looked at the first engineers printout and that also stated that the monoxide level was well below the safe level.as you can prob guess I put a formal complaint in but home assistance are now arguing that perhaps the boiler flue was showing faulty at first but when my engineer came out it was not faulty I have had to pay over £300 in engineers work to get a full safety check done all of which have come back that there is no problem with the boiler but Sheila's wheels are refusing to pay for any of my costs so what can I do now.
  8. i got my phone direct through orange and ive told them but they are now saying that nintendo have recalled them but i phoned nintendo and they dont know anything about this i dont think im ever going to get my wii
  9. hi i signed an upgrade contract with orange over a month ago and took out the free wii offer through orange directly. i was told i would recive the wii 28 days after i recived the phone but its been over 6 weeks now and still no wii orange dont want to know is there anything i can do about this
  10. hi i registered with tiscali back in September for there TV broadband phone package and from then till now i have had nothing but problems the TV never worked and was only getting 400kbs instead of 8 mb anyway about a month ago they agreed to cancel my contact early and promised to refund me for 5 months that i had hardly any service the problem is i have now changed to sky and the broadband and TV are fine but its taking time getting the phone line switched over so tiscali said they will not refund me until this is done the problem now I'm faced with is i owe them £120 in call charges most of which were to them for technical issues they have promised to clear this debt but they don't seem to be doing so they said they would clear it straight away but they are now refusing to do so until my phone line is switched but i have just had a nasty letter saying i owe them the money i feel trapped by them what can i do i dint think I'm ever going to get any refund i think they are just fobbing me off i was promised this woul all be sorted 10 days ago but nothing has been done thanks
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