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  1. Good Afternoon, I have been trying over the last couple of months to deal with a council tax issue where I haven't been getting bills. These have been sent to a previous address and we have been getting them late. I got a letter from this old address and sent a payment, way over the odds to be credited. I've now had two letters from the old address, one a final notice and then a summons. The summons, for last year has 50% in costs added, but the previous letter stated we had until 16th June to pay it and it was paid on 16th June. The summons was issued on 6th June... I have asked them in a letter to change the address but they haven't and I have now missed the court date (yesterday). The final notice pertains to this year, but some of the payment would have been made in the amount paid for last year. No invoice or breakdown of account has ever been received. I've sent them a harsh email but need to check where I stand. How do I get court fees removed? Where do I stand on this? Does anyone know what the legal basis is for duty to notify of council tax to the correct address? Thanks for you help on this guys.
  2. An interesting read Mr Pimpernel. I'm expecting this to be a bit of a fight but after having chatted with Ben Brown at AIC - they tell me I have to submit a SAR to get the statements... Funny I thought they had to provide them on request
  3. Good Afternoon, Apologies if this is in the wrong forum. I'm about to send off a SAR with regards to a problem with AMEX and Allied International and a breach of DPA, amongst other issues. Allied International are purporting to be representing AMEX as an agent and as such are effectively working on behalf of AMEX. With this in mind, will a SAR sent to AMEX be enough to gain access to Allied International actions taken on behalf of AMEX? Thanks in advance.
  4. I have just issued a loan misselling complaint about this time period with HSBC. The 61 months will relate to a payment holiday taken in month 1 making the overall loan 61 months from drawdown, but the repayments over 60 months.
  5. I was told I couldn't opt out of this service, looks like it may be time to raise a serious complaint. I have raised a complaint already regarding a lot of things by email and they have acknowledged it but not yet responded - I may move back to the HSBC to be honest...
  6. I would simply hold the money. What was the period it was covering and when did you cancel the insurance?
  7. Hey all, I've just joined having the forums having had some notable successes in the past and I pretty much wandered across this great site whilst looking around for this silly argument over a PCN with VCS. Anyway... [incident] I was parked at my halls unloading for a few minutes late on a Saturday evening as there was nowhere to park on the street - i didn't have a permit as the company that runs the halls wouldn't provide the paperwork - they are another story. I received an apparent PCN a few minutes after pulling in. No PCN was ever on my car. [situation] I got home from university last week to find a letter from VCS demanding £120 because they hadn't recieved payment. I fired off a quick email the same night. The day after another letter arrived, a followup and chase letter - I fired off another response. These two emails were perhaps not to the letter but pretty much declined liability. I also issued a credit card payment, which I am told i can chargeback by my bank. I today received a written response to my email via letter with photos and a copy of the PCN basically saying how they've reviewed the situation and you guessed it, i have no grounds for an appeal and that they haven't received my internet payment. I did note that I was only making the payment whilst it was resolved. The evidence they have provided is a basic copy of the PCN, hardly legible but the same as all other PCN's they issue, no proper correspondence address or VAT number - same on their letter, has a VAT number but only a PO Box. The photos show my windscreen and my number plate, nothing more and the date, the windscreen has the PCN attached. I'm going to prepare a copy of another letter basically outlining several key points about how the photos pretty much show nothing and are not linkable either, just two close up's which could be any vehicle. Neither show the surroundings clearly or who was driving. Going to go for a template letter I think and then add in my key comments. What do people think? I'm always very open to feedback and comments...
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