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  1. Thanks so much for your replies. They gave her deposit back a week or so after they collected the car, they wouldn't have done that if the car had any damage.
  2. Thanks for directing me to the pdf upload guide. So I will hold off and wait and see what their next move is.
  3. I can't find the pdf upload guide. I'm concerned that my daughter will need to get a reply from Europcar.
  4. Thank you dx100uk - Here is the letter they sent. Definitely not received a response pack. Doesn't she need to reply to Europcar to get a reply from her previous correspondence?
  5. Yes, that's what I meant, she has received a letter from a debt collector - Shakespeare Martineau.
  6. Hello, my daughter was in a car accident and was given a loan car from a policy she bought with her finance. The car was delivered to her home on 27th December 2019 and collected on 15th January 2020. Subsequently , she was sent a letter to say the car had some damage on one of the wheels which she emailed back a letter disputing the damage was caused while the car was in her possession and requested photographic/video evidence of the car at the time it was delivered and picked up from her home (she didn't take any photos or video herself). This email wa
  7. We have been at this address for 14 years and my husband had no dealing with them before we moved here so they wouldn't know any previous address. I'll apply for a recent credit file and see what it says. I will update here accordingly.
  8. Thanks for your reply Brigadier. What could they do behind my back. I assumed it was done and dusted. If they wanted to resurrect it wouldn't they have to re-issue papers?
  9. Update: I filed a defence on 31 October 2008 for MBNA CCJ and I have heard nothing from them in all this time. The default is dated November 2007, so 6 years has elapsed. I'm going request my husband's credit file to see if this has now dropped off. Once again I would like to thank everyone who helped on this. I came back on this forum today to help a friend of mine with virtually the same thing regarding Egg. I will post that in a new thread.
  10. Although the letter was dated 24th Sept it was served to her in person on 9th October so I believe the deadline is sometime over the weekend which would be tomorrow I assume. She took out the credit card several years ago, sent CCA request 3 or 4 times in the past. I will direct her to this thread so she can fill in the missing blanks. Many thanks for your help!!
  11. A friend of mine received a statutory demand from Lowell Portfolio for a Loyds TSB credit card that she had some time ago. The letter/demand is dated 24 September 2013, however they wrote again giving her until 5 November to send them a reply. My main query is if this is a real statutory demand or a scare tactic - they served her the letter/demand in person. My friend sent Lloyds a template letter asking for a true copy of the credit agreement. She has sent this letter a few times over the past 3-4 years and no agreement has ever been sent back to her.
  12. I went to the garage where the car was purchased and they confirm the finance company will insist my daughter is the registered keeper. We sent the V5 to DVLA yesterday to change it over. We also got a final redemption figure from the finance company to see if my daughter can trade the car for something smaller that she can actually afford to insure. Of course the figure is higher than the garage say the value of the car is so she will have to keep up the payments until she can afford to pay the car off. One thing that really annoyed me is the salesman said he has seen a guy come in
  13. That's what I was thinking too. I have opened a can of worms and it keeps getting worse!
  14. That puts my mind at rest. Thanks both of you for your input!
  15. Thanks odjobbob. I was thinking that myself. I'm not sure what any legal ramifications would be.
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