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  1. Thanks for your helpful replies, one last question, as i received no paper work for the ccj's would i suceed in getting them temporary removed and then settled them in full am i right in saying that they would not show up anymore.
  2. so if i did a cca request and they can't provide the credit agreement would they then have to remove it from my file or can they just not enforce it.one of them is six years old in may and they wrote to say that it would be added again for another six years if i didnt contact them to arrange payment, this is a bluff yes
  3. no not paid them a penny, when i got into trouble i just let them get on with there threats, put the ball in there court, they never did anything except write me letters telling me what they would do if i didnt pay.i have 2 ccj's but never received any paper work about them.
  4. hi and thanks, the debts are credit cards. the dca are CL finance, olympia capital asa/thames credit aktiv capital and capquest.
  5. when i checked my credit file i found that the debts i had from sometime ago around 2005 are in the name of these debt collection agencies, so do they now own these debts and have a right to update my credit file then.i have never contacted any of them.thanks
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