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  1. It's more peace of mind asking for a FSH when you really haven't got a clue about cars - you hope that something has actually taken care of it. I'll probably give trading standards a ring and see if they have any suggestions as to what I can do. Thanks all.
  2. One of the reasons we did buy the car was because the salesman said full service history but then we are guilty that we didn't check it out fully (I trusted the salesman!). I am more concerned that the salesman can do this again and again (I have learned my lesson) and it's not on. I believe that the dealership should get some sort of reprimand but what chance of that? I've rung the dealership and the customer services again and again and no-one is actually bothered. Thank you for replying. It's good to hear your views.
  3. Bought a car last May and was told by the salesman it had a full service history from new (it was 3 years old). Went to pick up the vehicle and the salesman said he was updating the service history book as some of the service stamps were missing. I still don't have the service history (and its now March) and have written and phoned loads of times. Spoke to the manager of the dealership and he said he would write me a letter stating it had a full service history but that they can't provide the stamps in the service history book. Does that sound reasonable? Thanks
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