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  1. Right. Sent those letters off the same day, thanks again for all the help with that. I have received a reply from GPB... Thank you for your letter.... ...We have requested from our client copies of documents mentioned in the Particulars of Claim, per Civil Procedure Rules: the agreement and a copy of the Notice of Assignment. We do not know why you intend to dispute liability, and since the concept of proportionality applies to disclosure, we take the view that a search for statements, default notices andd termination notice is not proportionate before a defence has been filed. We will contact you again if within the 7 day period of your request our client is unable to produce copies of the documents referred to in paragraph 2 of this letter. yours.... HELP! I've read this through about 5 times and still don't know what next! ~Of course I am disputing it, I have no idea what this debt it and this doesn't make it any clearer does it? Concept of proportionality? I think I know what they mean but could someone help at all. I'm off to re read those other threads
  2. Whoops. Have just been an utter fool just realised what they meant by jurisdiction! Forget that part, I can't see why I would need to contest that bit!
  3. I sent with the postal order. I sent it 6 weeks ago, it was recorded and they did sign for it. I thought that might be the letter I needed but wantedd to make sure. I'll do it now, thanks for much for the help.
  4. You have been amazing. My head is buzzing from reading these threads but I am gradually getting a handle of the jargon. I have slightly confused myself further on one point though. Can you or someone else please confirm I am doing this part correctly. Out of the court papers I am, at this stage just sending back the AoS page. I am putting my married name as they have my maiden name. But do I tick the intend to defend all of this claim AND the I intend to contest jurisdiction or just the first point? It's blimming miles away from me.
  5. Right I will leave in those points because I know they did not send me half those things (or possibly any of them actually now I look back through my files) Can I save postage and send both letters to GPB together? Reading through everything I think I am right in thinking I send nothing to Equidebt? As it has reached this stage do I still have to send a postal order £1? sorry I know I am being a nightmare.
  6. 42man _ I don't know if my wording came across wrong but I meant the POC's are incredibly vague not your letter. Sorry if it appeared that way. I am reading the threads and referring points in them back to the letter you have posted. I am probably seeming thick, I think it is more for reassurance more than anything.
  7. I have had various credit cards and bank loans over the years, it is hard to have kept track which I know makes me a terrible person, but we have young children and money worries so things have gotten quite confusing at times. I don't remember dealing with Equiwhatsit at any stage but who knows...
  8. Just been reading those threads you linked which were brilliant- thanks. Next question re your wondeful letter... 1)"the production of a verified and legible copy of each of the following documents mentioned in your Particulars of Claim" As they haven't mentioned docs in the poc do I still go for this bit? 2) None of the 2,3,4 or 5 points are mentioned in the POC either (they are hugely vague! So do I put those points in still as well? Thanks again for all the help.
  9. Thanks for all the help so far, I feel better already. That was everything they wrote in the POC box on the blue form and yes it is Northampton. The claim is for more than £5000 does this make a huge difference? I hadn't cca'd them, just asked for more info as to what this was all about, will that hinder this in anyway? Do I need to request longer from the court to get this moving?
  10. Hi Have been looking through the templates but am a bit confused as to which to send. I had a lloyds cc and cannot afford to pay what they area asking for. I cca'd them and heard nothing, not even an acknowledgment though I sent it recorded. Now MHA are on the case. Do I start again with a cca request and is it the basic one from the templates but amending it to a s.78 (?) or is there one I send when the original party doesn't respond and they have sent it to a DCA?
  11. The POC says: "The claimant's claim is for the sum of XXX.XX being monies due at today's date under a CCA. they sue as assignees of the agreement, Notice of Assignment has been provided to the Defendant"
  12. Hi I've received a claim form for court today from Geoffrey parker Bourne. They did write to me recently regarding a debt through Equidebt, I wrote back saying could they provide me with more information as I have no record of this debt or company. They have not replied just sent this court claim. What do I do next, I called the court and they said fill in the defence so what should I put in that box? Thanks in advance.
  13. sorry another question, I enclose below the relevent part of their reply because I am unsure whether these means I cannot use the standard template letter? " In respect of late payment charges that have been debited to your balance, please note that when you were provided with a Tariff of Charges. This document detailed all administration charges applicable to your mortgage account including arrears monitoring charges.... ....As you completed on this mortgage, I feel it is reasonable to conclude that you would have read the Offer document and familiarised yourself with the conditions of your mortgage prior to the completion date. Had you been unsure of the meaning of any of the information contained in this document, I feel it is reasonle to conclude that you would have sought clarification either from your broker, Mortgage Plc or your solicitor. I can find no evidence to suggest that you sought clarification... ....We regularly review all our fees and charges and we feel that these are fair and reasonable in view of the labour and use of facilities involved in the administration of mortgage accounts, and we therefore condier that these do not exist to punish our customers but are there to compensate us for the cost of administering your mortgage account effectively including the cost of taking legal action (I would imagine they would charge you court costs wouldn't they if it got to that point?) We are satisified that the fees and charges applied to your mortgage to date are an accurate reflection of the work required to administer your account and I am therefore unable to uphold your complaint in this respect nor refund default charges applied to your account. In view of the above I am unable to uphold your complaint as we have acted entirely within the terms and conditions of the mortgage and within our own collections procedures. Whilst I understand that our decision not to uphold your complaint nor re credit (should not be re credit should it as they account is now closed?) default charges debited to your account balance to date may come as a disappointment, I hope you find my explanation nonetheless helpful. So do I still go with the normal LBA letter? Also is it now time to use the spreadsheet and give them a total plus whatever it says in the interest column?
  14. I had already received a full break down of the account, so I knew exactly how much these folk had charged me, the penalty fees were all added to the loan rather than paid off separately. Having had their bog off letter back, I take it I am straight to the LBA letter? I am happy to do the DPA request, but will it give me any other info I need to proceed?
  15. Good luck with this, I shall be watching closely as trying to do something similar
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