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  1. Thanks for the offer dcdkpug but we can't afford a solicitor at the mo. We are still waiting for a response from them until 30/4. We now have witness statements and site evidence (daily signing in register from building contractors) Question for anybody. If an offer is made what should we be looking for? Thanks to all
  2. Thanks for your replies, nice to have people out there. dundeelaw The company were employing sub-contractors on a full time basis when we were made redundant and they still are to this date. We have managed to contact the company secretary who left Dec 2007 who delt with timesheets and pay. We had a very interesting chat. Paul I left messages but had no reply. I spoke to another employee on 9th Jan who had been told we had left the company. He knew nothing about redundancies. Humiliation and anger took over. Any correspondance we have with the company now is by letter. We wer
  3. Sorry if our post seemed patronising but if we don't smile........
  4. Hi all Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin. Once upon a time I was working for a flooring company after 2 years I left but then returned a month later after things didn't work out with another company. I then worked a further 20 months up until Jan 2008. In October 2006 the company moved to bigger premises and I was asked to decorate the old and the new premises I agreed as I used to be a decorator in a former life. As time was tight and my partner was not working I asked would it be ok if she helped. No problem said the boss. Over the next couple of weeks the boss got to know m
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