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  1. Thank you for your replies. I will send the statue barred letter as suggested. Hopefully this will put an end to it. Many Thanks.
  2. Hi, I was hoping maybe somebody could offer some advice on this: I've had a payment demand letter from Capital Reserve for £22. This is on behalf of a local dental practice. In Feb 2011 I had dental treatment which was paid for in cash and a receipt given. Around 6 months later the dentist wrote to me requesting payment. I telephoned them pointing out that I had already paid and they apologized for their error. I considered the matter closed until June and August 2021 when the dental practice sent me two letters for an outstanding payment of £16. I ignored these letters assuming it was past the statute limitation and thought they were just fishing for cash. But it seems they have passed it on to a DCA. I have had no treatment or contact with this dental practice since 2011, and unfortunately I no longer have the initial receipt due to how long ago it was. TIA
  3. I wonder if anybody could help with this. I have recently received two letters requesting payment for a dental check up 10 years ago. At the time of the appointment I paid in full with cash and was given a receipt (which I no longer have). Six months after the appointment I received a letter requesting payment of £16.50. I called the dental practice and told them I had paid, the lady looked into it appologised and said she would correct the file. I then heard nothing until two months ago (overs 9 years later) when I get a letter again requesting £16.50 which I ignored. I have now received a '1st reminder' letter again requesting the same payment. Where do I stand with this as I paid at the time but no longer have the receipt as proof ? (Also I have not visited this or any other dentist since).
  4. Yes windscreen route is I don't lose my NCD. Windscreen excess was £75, but I had to get a wing mirror which was £69 (second hand) and a new wiper £6.
  5. Thanks for the replies, I have it sorted now. The boy wasn't messing around, just standing on his own waiting to cross, it appears he simply slipped on the muddy bank. (shame he didn't use the crossing 30ft away). Anyway I spoke to my insurance company and they said they wouldn't even try to pursue a claim against a pedestrian, they said they would be happy for me to go down the windscreen route, they said a proper claim would go against me as a claim on my insurance and effect future insurance premiums, NCB etc. etc. So I have ordered the replacement windscreen, mirror & wiper blade needed. Leaving me £150 out of pocket
  6. Yes, the Police gave me an incident number and the pedestrians details. Although I don't see how I could claim off him, and he is only 13. I presume I would just lose my NCB and excess ?
  7. Hi, I was involved in an incident where a young pedestrian fell off a kerb into the side of my car, fortunately he sustained only a few cuts & bruises. The collision broke off my wing mirror, put a small dent in the door and smashed the windscreen. The Police attended and let me take my car straight away as other witness indicated he had fell from the kerb. I had planned to leave the dent as it only small, replace the wing mirror myself and have the windscreen replaced on the windscreen cover of my insurance, so not to lose any NCB. I am just wondering if this would be the right way to go, will they just accept it as a windscreen replacement or see it as an accident and a proper claim, especially as I will have to declare the incident when I next apply for insurance at renewal. Any advice welcomed.
  8. I don't dispute this, what I am annoyed about is the fact that a fully insured driver can hit a parked vehicle, admit responsibility, the whole matter is done and dusted smoothly through the third parties insurance. But simply because this incident ocurred, my premium rises by £115. Nobody at Admiral will tell me why this is or how that amount was calculated. BTW the letter I recieved does not appear to be a response to the complaint.
  9. I forgot to mention that the letter also states there will be an extra fee of £20 if the matter is passed to collections agency.
  10. Ok so I sent a letter of complaint, I heard nothing until this morning when I get a letter stating that "due to a lapse in policy" an amount of £115 is outstanding and that if it is not paid within 10 days the matter will be forwarded to a collections agency. So basically I have to pay it right now or they'll ruin my credit score ? The last time I spoke on the phone to Admiral I asked the woman if she would expect such a premium hike if the same thing happened to her car whilst she was sitting at her desk, her reply was "No, But I would have told them at the start of the policy". So it's really just a penalty for not telling them. I only wish that when I had realised the mistake I had not been honest and just cancelled my policy, took out new insurance and declared it with the new company. So much for being honest eh?
  11. I have now rang them to log a complaint which they tell me I have to do in writing to their complaints department. Which I shall do. I was only considering renewing with them if the were to waiver that fee. I have managed to find another insurer quoting £370 with the non-fault included. I'll send the complaint and you let know what they say. Many Thanks.
  12. Thanks for that, I called them today and they keep saying that it is my fault because I did not tell them when I took out the policy about the claim. Also it doesn't matter whether it is an at fault claim or non-fault claim, their underwriters see it as a "claim being made". When asking about how that affects the risk catergory and about how they arrived at the figure of £113 they tell me "it is a Trade secret within Admiral and their underwriters which cannot be disclosed, even to Admiral staff, this is to avoid competitors knowing how Admiral reach their premiums" I asked if they would consider waiving the fee in return for me renewing my policy with them (£426), but she said they wouldn't and the fee will stay regardless of whether or not I renew and it will not be written off under any circumstances. Obviously they would rather get £113 than £426 and are basically using it as a punishment as I didn't mention it when I took the policy out. It's an absolute joke.
  13. Yeh they said that the additional £31 was the increase for the renewal (next years policy) even though I had already told them I wasn't going to renew. On the phone a few days ago they originally said it was £62. But forgetting that, it's the £115 i'm not happy about, they wont waiver that or bring it down. I think it's ridiculous that if somebody hits a parked car the owner of that car then suffers such a hike in insurance.
  14. Hi everyone, I need some advice regarding an issue with my car insurance. First a bit of background info. In December 2005 my car was parked outside shops and a third party reversed into the side of it. The driver appologised, admitted fault a gave insurance details. My car needed a new door panel and the whole incident was dealt with very quickly by the third parties insurance company. I did not have to pay anything and did not loose any No Claims Bonus. In March 2006 at the expiration of my policy I switched to Admiral as they were the cheapest at the time. I filled in an online quote form. A question on the webiste asked "Have you had any Claims in the last 3 years". I ticked No as I took this to be at fault claims (there was no mention of non-fault accidents). So I paid the premium (£389) and had a years insurance with Admiral. A few weeks ago they sent me a renewal, the price was good and I was happy to renew the policy. The enclosed letter stated that I should check the details of the policy and if any are incorrect to let them know. Whilst checking I noticed that renewal form asks if you have had any claims in the last three years and now states "Including non fault accidents". So I rang Admiral and the girl on the phone wasn't very pleased at all and questioned me about why I had failed to declare this in the first place, to which I explained as above and told her that to the best of my knowledge I had been honest. She then tells me than because I failed to disclose it last year I will have to pay an extra £113 for my policy (which ends in a few days) and then a further £62 on top of next years policy if I choose to renew. Two days later I receive a letter from them requesting this payment only now it has risen to £144 without any explanation as to why. My question is can they do this and back charge this extra amount, and an amount of so much for a non-fault accident ? Is there any way of getting out of it. Oh I forgot to mention, I still have 10 years no claims bonus. Any comments much appreciated.
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