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  1. hi rory no ive not heard anything about it since i left the property , i now rent and live in england although im moving back to scotland thats why im worried about it . frightened in case i get in touch and they demand too much money
  2. i dont know how much the property was sold for, just dont know wether to come clean or not , can they now add 10 years of interest to the capital amount, and are the rbs any good at coming to an arrangement of monthly payments or are they likely to demand the whole sum at once regards
  3. can anyone help please . in 1998 my house was being reposessed and i stupidly ran away from it all. ive never heard anything since . there was also a secured loan on the house . how long can they actually chase me for this money .does it ever become statue barred . any comments on this matter would be greatly appreciated
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