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    Hsbc, marlin & me

    thanks for response -PPI does not apply as I was self employed when account opened and never applied to account - did cca request in 2009 - got back 2 statements, copy of signed agreement (no t &c's attached to signed agreement as blank back) plus t & c's separate to signed agreement, all undated except one dated 2008 - did wonder about a CCA request to Marlin so perhaps as you suggest this would be a way forward. thank you
  2. Can you help please - have payment arrangement with hsbc since oct 2009 for credit card taken on in 2004 - financial issues 2009 hence arrangement - hsbc sold account to marlin earlier this year after it had been handled by their own metropolitan collection services who agreed a standing order for £1 per month for 999 months starting in 2009 - continued paying hsbc and they have been passing money to marlin financial - never missed payments - marlin parent company (marlin europe) stated in writing they would honour hsbc arrangement - fine - now ma
  3. Hi thank you for the response....any suggestions about getting this SAR without having to track down ex husband ....and if I have to do they really need passport id and verification from an appropriate person...this is like stalling as time is short I think...thanks again
  4. Hi, have managed to sort out a lot of debt issues using this site and for that I am extremely grateful, all of which were unsecured however we now get to the mortgage and I need some advice concerning an SAR I sent to Birmingham Midshires (who the mortgage is with) along with a £10 postal order - this was sent on Monday 17th June 2013 by recorded delivery. Be advised of the following: 1) mortgage is in joint names with ex-husband - now divorced - (divorce finalised about 4 years ago and he has no financial interest in the property as per the terms of the divorce however BM would not rele
  5. Repeated calls morning noon and night from credit card companies, namely Barclaycard, Halifax, American Express and the worst MBNA - also a DCA we all know as RMA or NCO - they called me at work when I am not permitted private incoming/outgoing calls and had the audacity (were b....y rude) to start having a go at other members of staff and how they were not co-operating etc., this caused me huge embarrassment etc. Have sent a letter to RMA and American Express as well as MBNA informing them to only contact me in writing and if they pursue the calls then I will take the necessary action against
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