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  1. thanks maroondevo ps i assume you are a fellow jambo:cool:
  2. will do, am i right in saying that they have 14 days to prove this debt?
  3. hi folks, i have sent off the two letters - telephone harrasment and the letter thats on this thread regarding proving the debt , these were sent on mon -recorded delivery,I received a letter saying that as i have ignored there letters(not true) they may send an "agent" round next week. whats the best course of action now ? any advice much appreciated
  4. thanks curlyben two letters off tomorrow to lowells 1-to tell them i dont aknowledge the debt and 2-to warn them about phoning me up all the time. ill keep everybody posted on my offensive against lowells and my claims back against BOS , thanks again for helping me getting the wheels turning:)
  5. evening folks, I am looking to send a couple of letters recorded delivary to lowell finanancial but they only have a po box any ideas of a real address goldeneye
  6. thanks, just drafting the letter now, ive got previous address etc so can see it being to much of a problem:)
  7. thank saintly, I dont have my account number for the account in question , is this a problem?
  8. thanks maroondevo/goldlady, I will send both letters off today
  9. that would be great ill log back on tommorow and get the ball rolling its good to get support;)
  10. Hi , thanks for your help , im really interested to no where they have got my details , I changed my bank account to first direct about a month ago as they were offering £100 to change account ,I phoned them up and asked if they had any idea how a DCA would obtain this info as they are the only institution to have any of my details, they phoned me back and said that in no circumstance would they pass on my personal details.They did however do a credit check ( which came back ok) but it makes me wonder if lowells can somehow can pick up info from this, thanks for taking the time GE
  11. Hi goldlady, the dispute with the Bank of scotland was that - at that time I lost my job I had an overdraft of approx £1500 I tried to arrange some sort of agreement with them but they kept trying to sell me a loan to cover it, and were constantly charging me for being overdrawn, I contacted CAB I and then wrote a letter to them explaining my circumstance, recieved nothing back from BOS told CAB they said wait for reply nothing came , I moved house then country! came back to uk at xmas staying at dads untill I find somewhere to live and then letters/phonecalls from lowells start. lowells are claiming I owe 3200. goldeneye
  12. evening folks, Im new to all this so any help would be great Im looking 2 try and reclaim back off a bank of scotland acc I had 4 years ago, they sold a disputed overdraft charge to a dodgy debt collection company , so im going after them 100% , Im not up to speed on how to do this but i do no i got loads of charges during my spell banking with them .I was studying at the time and thought this was standard practice any help 2 get ball rolling much appreciated. GE
  13. hi everybody, Im new to this website so looking for help!! im being pursued by lowell finance over a disputed overdraft with what was the bank of scotland approx 4 years ago. I thought the issue had been dealt with but , have recieved 2 letters from lowells and today 2 phone calls (on answer machine) Im more than prepared to rough it out with these bad boys but any tactics would be more than welcome, all the best GE
  14. thanks for the quick response guys, I got two letters from lowell finance and all ready getting nasty phone calls , im so impressed by the stance been taken by this website ,im lucky to be in the position where I can laugh off the threats as they are complete bollocks but its the little old ladys they threaten which is well off. My main intention is to deal with bank of scotland as they have sold my information to these cowboys. Im going to follow it through 100% , so ill probably see you about, have a good weekend GE
  15. hi folks, great website although im still trying to work out who & where 2 send messages so i hope someone can help me im being pursued by a dca lowell finance over a bank of scotland overdraft that was in dispute over 4 years ago and as far as i was aware settled. looking for info on 1-how to deal with lowells and 2- how to get bank charges back off bos as this could mount to thousands all the best
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