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  1. Sorry I've taken so long to reply but I hope the following is of help. I've now had a total of five letters from these jokers and one from their tame solicitors, Lawsmiths (same address). These have arrived over two and a half months. Careful reading of the text makes me think that they are computer-generated - some contain minor factual errors in my case but could apply to others in similar situations. They are all signed by Carly Shedlock (or it could be Shylock) who has given herself the title of Account Manager, each one more threatening than the previous. The last one
  2. I will post a more complete response but it may take a day or two.
  3. Thanks for that, dpick. I was thinking that a baseball bat might be more effective.
  4. Hello all It's my first post and the title refers to a bunch of shysters with which some of you may be familiar. I'm being harassed by these cowboys and the last (of four so far) letter threatened that they would send someone to my home to question me about my income and expenditure! The CAB are on the case and I've been informed that they are in the process of reporting AR to their local TSO citing my and other similar cases. Is anyone here currently 'involved' with this outfit?
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