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  1. Hi i have to take a group 2 medical for renewal of HGV licence, which i can take with any doctor, I also have to take the same medical to renew my taxi licence, but the form states it has to be taken with reference to your medical records. Now could i ask my doctor for a letter which states there is nothing in my records to say i would be medicaly unfit to pass a group 2 medical. I know i am able to gain access to the records under the DPA but would rather go this route to save hassle with the doctor. If i could go this route, I would want to try to force a policy change at our counci
  2. Hi there are various groups advertising HGV PCV medicals on the net the cheapest being "Compared with what some doctors charge you're an absolute bargain... and £5 to charity too! A great idea." Mr Coule, Dorset £49 HGV medicals - £49 Taxi medicals - Centres across the UK - called driversmedicals.com just click the link. They cover most of the UK. My own doctor also quoted £90 seems the norm.
  3. Hi i sent a CCA request on the 29th of april to barclaycard to date i have heard nothing from them via post not even to confirm they recieved it, the only thing i have heard was through experian as an alert that barclaycard had noted a dispute by the customer on the account. When would the 12 + 2 days be up i worked it out to be the 19th may is that correct. ta ataxidriver64
  4. Hi all i sent a cca request to lowell re hbos credit card on the 29th of april, i have recieved 2 letters, the first on the 7th may saying they have requested a copy from hbos, 2nd dated 18th may saying they have requested hbos to retrieve from archives. This 12 + 2 days is it working days only or does it incude weekends also if its working days did the 12 +2 expire yesterday? if so whats the next cause of action?
  5. Hi just an update, I have not heard anything more from this lothopefully gone away i do have a letter ready to send but not gonna waste a stamp unless i have to, thanks for the advice ataxidriver64
  6. Also on this account there was gap/shortfall insurance, being self employed when i took this car loan out and welcome knew i was self employed did they miss sell me the gap insurance, would it have payed out if i made a claim, if it was totaly useless to me, if so would that be the same as miss sold ppi? ataxidriver64
  7. Hi now this account is closed as far as welcome is concerned, would i be able to go for the unlawfull charges which had been put on it? what do you think my chances are? ataxidriver64
  8. Hi the account was partially settled but they said they wouldn.t remove the default, what a bunch of liers lol ataxidriver64
  9. Just checked on experian and the red DEFAULT has now been replaced by a green Satisfactory, I am sure it wasnt like that yesterday but does say partial settlement in the notes. ataxidriver64
  10. I have a default on my CRA report from welcome finance put on in november 2008 but that was when i recieved the second default notice off them for the same account, does a default appear on the CRA after them sending you a default notice, or could it be at anytime, as i recieved a default notice off them in the middle of 2007, but that isnt shown, should that be the date for it and not nov 2008. I know i am stuck with these defaults but as all the others i have are from 2007 i had a 4 year plan to sort things out financialy, also i have satisfied this account with welcome now. ataxidriv
  11. Well just to update on this, upgrade phone arrived today from o2.
  12. RBS eh this maybe explains why mackenzie hall are trying to chase me for a very old RBS credit card bill which is statute barred maybe RBS are skint to lol ataxidriver64
  13. This is defo o2 i got a call from this number last week went through sec Qs etc, asked if happy with o2 blah blah, they even gave me a free upgrade phone as i have spent abit on my o2 PAYG just waiting for it to be delivered now its a nokia flip phone, even got a confirmation email off o2, and changed my tarrif for me which gives me more for my money. If you have registered your o2 PAYG you get a lot better deal off them. ataxidriver64
  14. I suppose i could just email abuse at them for a laugh.
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