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  1. Hi all I have had two letters from Newyln at my current address. One was addressed to "the occupier" enquiring as to whether I lived there or not and the other was addressed to me. The were asking for just over £600 in relation to council tax for the year 2010/2011. During that tax year I was only working for one month while resident at the relevant address before I moved out of LB of Croydon. I spoke to Croydon Council today to discuss this and all I have to provide them is a letter from the managing agents confirming when I left my old address and they will adjust the amount acc
  2. Thanks, will have the letter on standby.
  3. Since my last post on this subject I have had 3 more letters. The first from 1st Cretins which was a 50% off type letter which I have seen before. Then had a letter from LCS (same address as 1st) now a letter threatening a doorstep visit. Do 1st Cretins actually ever send someone out and what is the best advice on dealing with them? Ta in advance
  4. Well hello everyone, guess who's back on the case again It's been nearly a year since I last heard from these fatherless types and I have moved house last summer. About 2 weeks ago I received a letter from 1st Crudit at my new address and it went along the lines of: "Dear stabradop, we are looking to contact stabradop regarding a personal matter, if you are not stabradop please contact us so we can correct our records. If we don't hear from you in 10 days we will assume you are stabradop and act accordingly" Needless to say I didn't bother getting in touch, I have enough to
  5. I am not that fussed, the only debt collector that ever called at my door was looking for a previous tenant from 3 years ago, went away when asked, no fuss. The amusing thing is that 1st Crudit keep passing this thing around so many other bottom feeders, Connaught, Mckenzie Hall, Meritforce, Philips. I wonder who they will try next?
  6. I phoned them in the end, and after they threatened to send someone round I did the old "denial of licence to visit" thing, which went right over his head (although to be fair he was quite civil and normal sounding). So I will just wait to see what happens, I am moving in 2 weeks anyway so I am not that bothered if they send a muppet round. I did point out that once anyone goes past the gate that person is on private property, and as I have already refused permission to enter then whoever turns up is already trespassing and I have the right to use minimum force to compel that person to
  7. Hmmm, had a letter this week from some bunch called Phillips, anyone know anything about them, haven't seen anything about them on here. It's the usual standard threatogram, not sure whether to buzz and say what I have said to the others as that usually gets rid of them. Any advice folks? ta stab
  8. They have removed my details now after I threatened them with legal action on the basis of harrassment.
  9. Now it seems I have Meritforce on my case, they wrote then phoned threatening an "authorised collector visit". I told them where they could stick that but God help any threat monkey who turns up at my door, I will have the idiot arrested there and then.
  10. Hmm, it seems they have passed it on to McKenzie Hall now, I have had 2 letters from them, one being a standard Threat-o-gram and another offering me a 50% discount. Why would 1st Cretins pass things on to Muck Hall when they have Connaught to do their dirty stuff for them?
  11. Thanks for the replies, sorry have been a bit busy at the moment. All I am getting now is the odd call on my mobile and a text message twice a week. Needless to say I am ignoring them, the only time I got a real person was the first time (caught me with a hangover) hence the constant texts. The last time I got a call I just reminded them that telephone harassment is illegal and as they are concealing the nature of their business and the purpose of their call I had no intention of doing any form of business with them and I would visit their offices personally if they ever called me aga
  12. Thanks for the replies, the idiot on the phone said that "they had send loads of letters"
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