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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support their. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Not sure if this is actually a Talk Talk problem, but... My mum has been with them for over a year and, other than delays in getting set up initially, all has been ok. About 3 weeks ago her internet connection went down. 2 weeks ago we discovered that her phone number had been changed. Instead of 0999-999-1234 the number was 0999-999-5678 and the name on the new number was that of her upstairs neighbour. Multiple phone calls to Talk Talk failed to elicit a solution, with the call centre staff insisting that she had cancelled her account, which she had not. Some staff suggested sh
  3. Do you plump the cushions every day? Some sofas, particularly those with feather or fibre infills do need this done every day. They should have told you that at the point of sale. If, however, you are certain that it's a manufacturing defect write to them giving them full details of your complaint and insist that they do something about it. They might want to come out to see it again and will possibly again say there's nothing wrong. Trading Standards would probably be your next best stop. You could at that stage pay for an independent expert to inspect your furniture. If they agree
  4. I called the phone banking service and asked for a list of charges. They've said they'll send me a letter listing them. No mention of any charge.
  5. Some of them are ok, but there are others that I find distracting. It depends on size, colours used etc I suppose. There was one in particular I saw today that led to me turning them off, but I'm not going to name names because it's my problem. As long as the option exists to turn them off I'm happy.
  6. I've seen forums where the avatars and sigs are so big that it's actually difficult to find the posts. That's why I turn them off.
  7. I always turn the option to view avatars and sigs off 'cos I find them distracting.
  8. WTF? They actually told you that only 1 person can get the info and they're not there? What a load of rubbish. Unless the BOS only has 1 person in the whole company who knows what the DPA is...
  9. Well, after some work-related delays I've finally got around to making my DPA request. Easy enough - I phoned the phone-banking service and asked for a note of the charges on my account going back 5 years. After a short while on hold the woman on the other end of the phone said they'd send me a letter with them all listed. No mention of a charge or anything and I didn't even have to use the DPA to get them to agree to send the details. (Am I paranoid if I start to think there are notes on my file saying "warning, customer knows we are at it!!) Incidentally, as part of my job I have to
  10. I've seen a few, but it might be a good idea to have a success stories thread linking to the individual cases as they are resolved. I'm a member of another forum that fights the good fight on another matter. The success stories thread is a great source of inspiration when people start to lose hope. It should also be noted that plenty of people will come here, take the advice they need and get their refund without ever posting about it.
  11. I could actually do with a forum's eye view of what I should do next. I am aware from reading here that they might continue to claim that the charges do only "cover their costs", so I'm now thinking that instead of hitting them with a demand for repayment on threat of action I might be best to do the DPA thing and get something in writing from them noting any 'manual interventions' or lack thereof before I go further. This would, of course, delay things but I'm not in a hurry so it might be the prudent course of action? Any thoughts? With reference to the conversation I had with them,
  12. Thanks John. I'm going to explicitly ask my branch manager to itemise the costs referred to in these letters. And I'm going to ask him to justify a threefold increase as well. Wonder what he'll say?
  13. Fishing through old statements etc I have 2 of these letters; one from 16th Feb 05 and the other from 20th July 05. The first is exactly as the one above; the 2nd says maximum 3 charges per day. WTF? How can their daily costs change from £30 to £90? John, can you confirm the date of the letter you have copied the text from? I'm interested to see if I can prove that they increase the number of charges they hit you with as a punitive measure. If your letter is dated after 20th July I'd suggest the letters I have are evidence. I'll certainly be asking about this in my letter to my bra
  14. No recording unfortunately. The funniest bits were firstly the prolonged silence from the person who answered the phone as soon as I told them why I was calling. I nearly said "hello, are you still there?" but I thought it'd be better if I waited for her to decide what to say instead. Secondly the amount of squirming, uuhming and aahing was unbelievable. I'd imagine that manager-bloke will be doing some research and possibly some role-playing to practice his obfuscation techniques. Their complete refusal to provide a breakdown of the charges wasn't a surprise but I laboured the p
  15. Don't have to. It exists already. http://www.pepipoo.com
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