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  1. Gentlemen, do explain the code : Can see where your comming from Gyzmo, does look rather familuar..lol either that or he has been reading the said persons posts..lol Because as I said to Gyzmo I am just a very UNHAPPY Clubcard owner. And Gyzmo told me off for attacking those who are trying to help me. BUT!!! You obviously take me for a FOOL Tesco Clubcard call centre is here in Sunny Dundee, so if you dont get any Joy with them I can pop in past and see if your lost points are lying around under someones desk.
  2. gyzmoI'm thinking, shudder, that Lostpoints could be he who shall not be named.... I do not know who you think I am, but I'd say, as you would expect me too. That I am an average sort of person, with a geniune grievance... That being, I believe that points due to me from purchases made at TESCO's have not been credited. And if people think I have attacked them, the I hope they will forgive me. But as you read the threads, I feel under attack myself. A one person even suggusted I had never had the points in the first place. I suppose that is true, in that you have not got, what you should have, so therefore you never had it in the first place.
  3. Nice List Michael, But at the end of the day you'll always end up emailing the same faceless dorks at [email protected] . Who's policy is 'the more useless information we can give you, the bigger our company bonus will be' :roll: :roll:
  4. Reidnet, I have already obtained a statement of accounts for the said Clubcard. And guess what? the points balance.... But! what about the transactions that are not recorded ? If only I had kept all the receipts.
  5. Well Mr. Bookworm, at least I have made someone smile Your quite right that I am banging my head againt a brickwall, Tesco's, like most of our corporate friends are the three monkeys personified .... Hear No Customers complaints! See not their own errors and worst of all, they speak not to any paying customer.
  6. Thank you Michael Browne, I wonder where the 'in' place was for the very old was ... WAITROSE !!!! And if your are a man over21, perhaps you'd care to use your real name, so that the people here could see the name of a coward who states "If you ever had them in the first place" Me might be stupid, but I ain't no liar!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Credit Allergy: You appear to be a person after my own heart. I believe that if you write to someone, they should be courteous enough to reply. But this is not the case in the real world. Here, the large corporations want your money, but not your questions or queries.... They love your custom, as long as you know and keep your place. And never knock on the doors of their Ivory Castles... You know the same Ivory Castles that are paid for by us, the simple punters.
  8. As a man over '21' I've gone past buying 'Powered Baby Food' now. But we are talking of items that have a points value.... ie: Petrol and hardware.
  9. In-store Every time you shop in-store or at a Tesco Petrol filling station, make sure you scan your Clubcard or Key fob† and collect 1 point for every £1 spent.
  10. Funny, this really looks like towing the party line: I am afraid that unless you have the till receipts to prove this .... then I doubt you will get much further with us at Tescos! And, if we consider that you have been award all the points WE THINK your are entitled to. Go away, then WE fail to see what else can be done, so as WE said GO AWAY. And let this be a lesson to you others, who dare to complain, we make the rules, you just keep them !!!!
  11. People often do, when discussing a matter, end up at "cross purposes". And the only person who feels there is an "injustice" is often the sole person, who often is not alone in being effected. The facts relating to the problem - in full - are of course 'As I see them' (1) Just saying that the points are missing can only be one reason really, what I think there should be, and what Tesco's say there is. (2) It has been said "If you supply the full facts, maybe we can be of some help, but without them the best we can do is speculate". Well the full facts are quite simple (a) you spend money. (b) you are suppose to obtain one point for every pound. © you get a statement of both at the end of three months. (d) And if you diagree, without every receipt, which of course we all keep, your helpless !!! (3) Bottom line:- From my own personal view, Tesco do not want to believe that one of their loyal customers could possibly have a genuine complaint!!! The missing points may well be only speculation on my part! After all Tesco's do have 'Their Computer'. But just imagine the information feed in to it has become corrupted in some way !!!! Or harder to believe perhaps, the card is damaged !!! I could go on with other speculative excuses!!!. Tesco's, as far as I am concern are the big bad Wolf, who do not care about their customers and will pay the price in end for not listening to their CUSTOMERS!!!
  12. barracad vbmenu_register("postmenu_1420936", true); You are quite right in what you say, but obviously I cannot go into chapter and verse about my case. All I was really fishing for was other's who may have experienced Tesco's Bully Boy Attitude. "We say your wrong, and that's it" One would have thouht with 2bn pounds of profit, a pound here and there to show good customer good will would be a good advertisement to prove their customers are important to them. After all I wonder if it was 'Customer Service' who made the 2bn profit for Tesco's ? If you read earlier thoughts .... Big Bad Wolf 2 ... The Poor Real Customers 0
  13. Hi barracad. First may I say that your comment "As for writing to the MD, you will find with any large organisation that it doesn't actually reach the MD and will get answered by one of their team instead. You can't realistically expect the MD to deal with every item of correspondence addressed to them with an organisation as large as Tesco" Sounds like Tesco's own words......... You ask "what exactly is missing?" ... ClubCard Points !!!! and "why do you think they have disappeared?" Well for every pound you spend, you are supposed to recieve a clubcard point. So if you estimate how much you have spent, say £1000. Then one would expect a 1000 points in ones account at the end of three months.
  14. Jonni2bad... Just the standard clubcard points you obtain from normal Tesco transactions. Basically, they point blankly refuse to accept that some points have gone missing.... Even if you write to the Managing Director, the email are intercepted by customer services [ OR PASSED ON ] Because the Management of Tesco's does not deal with the humble surfs.
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