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  1. Thanks Landy, But I'm fine just got to go back and have more pictures taken etc but I'm fit and well..

    I have a favour and question to ask evryone, well 2 really.


    Has anyone had a letter from Swift Group Legal Services over the past 2 weeks or so....... if they have could they send me a copy of it by e-mail please ....remove all personal info of course, anyone wants my email address just pm me.


    Second if anyone has any letter from Eastern Counselling also, will they send me copy of it in the same manner.


    Your help will be much appreciated.:cool:




    Will do as soon a I can. Please remind me if it does not get to you within the next week. Sorry i have not been much use so far but problems are just exasebrated by these people. Am sill under treatment. You are a star.

  2. If everyone is serious about Barrister costs I am meeting with my new solicitor in December, so I could perhaps ask re costs etc. This will give us some idea of how much and how many people really want this. Well done to Sparkie for all the hardwork and time put in, lets just hope that the decent hardworking people get their just deserts in court.



    I too would be interested in a group action but I am only in receipt of benefits due to long term illness so it would be very dependent on costs. I really do think this company needs to be stopped from trading and made to answer for their dodgy practices and those in charge made accountable. Hopefully it would help a lot of us who are living day by day on a knife edge less anxious about the future. It would definitely be an even bigger bonus if we could get back the unfair charges and be charged a reasonable interest rate or better still agreements deemed unenforceable where appropriate.

  3. Hi Sparkie

    Have not been about for a while. Was so depressed after court case with Swift where they made me agree to drop the Unenforceable Loan case under section ? of CCA that i disappeared into a black hole. Although their counsel did say that it did not mean I could not go down another route but dont know where to begin. Anyway now back again and They are on my back again. My circumstances are un changed and after their "kind" {ha ha) gesture of letting me pay half installments for 3 months now want full amount plus an amount towards arrears and no doubt they will charge me excessively for this. Also I am still under the threat of repossession.

    I see you are doing great things and the sumission to the Treasury Comittee looks good. It would be so good to give this company the grief that they so readily dish out,

  4. sorry investigation but good question

    :roll:then again maybe I was right first time


    I have previous posts about my dealings with Swift and will be in court against them next week. Can you let me know how you know they are being investigated and also watching this website....I may be able to use this in court!


  5. Sorry I have taken so long to reply but has been quite a hectic time. Hope you also had a good Christmas and A Happy New Year to you.

    I did go to the CAB but they said it was too specialist a subject for them to advise me on however they suggested i get a free half hour consultation with a solicitor to get advice, which I have now done. He said my first step should be to send a letter to Swift asking for a copy of original credit agreement and a statement detailing all payments made and all charges. Do I have to pay for this and do Swift have to reply within a certain time? Can you also let me know if there is a specific template for this?

    You are being a great help and I really want to follow this through to its conclusion.

    I am a bit concerned that the loan/mortgage is for over £25000 is this still eligible for this action?

    I am also pursuing LTSB through the courts on a totally separate matter regarding mis-sold PPI so that is taking up a lot of time at the moment.

  6. Hi Sparkie

    New to this forum but feel I may be a Swift victim. Please could I pm my agreement etc to you. Basically i took out loan in 2005 for 27000. they immediately charged more interest than quoted and the interest rate has been further increased twice. I got into difficulty because of illness and was taken to cort for repossession but managed to get that suspended as long as payments maintained and some arrears paid off monthly.fortunately I had PPI which has actually paid out so helped a lot with the payments but these will end in January and I fear all will go pear shaped again as I am still unable to work. I have not received any statements and only got breakdown of payments received by Swift with court documents regarding the repo but it did not show any charges they have made. Can you advise? I will if paperwork seems incorrect continue the campaign to notify FOS. Thanks

  7. My three Egg PPIs paid out for a period of illness back in 2004 ( a serious neck problem) but I now have an unrelated condition which I have suffered from for several years due to some very tragic circumstances and the insurance company say that as it was a pre-exixting condition they will not pay this claim. This loan was taken out in October 2001 and i was not informed about or asked about medical conditions or pre-existing illness. Do i have any grounds to claim back on these PPIs?

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