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  1. Thanks Brigadier, i'll let you know if i need help with a letter. I would be very grateful though if you could point me in the right direction of a simple compound interest calculation table`
  2. Hi all, I posted recently about my PPI claim being successful over Barclaycard/Egg. Unfortunately and what is without doubt a retaliatory action, I have just had it confirmed that my Barclaycard (BC) has been permanently suspended. They have simply stated its because of my other account previously held with EGG. I have never missed a payment with BC and pay back more than the min payment each month. The Egg account has been settled in full. I regret settling on simple interest only but I was struggling at the time. I have now decided to claim for compound interest. A couple of years ago i found a compound interest exel sheet that you just put the amount in and the number of days and interest rate and it calculated the compound interest automatically. Can any one tell me where this might be, i can't find it anywhere. I am so angry, they expected me to settle on simple interest on the money [edit] taken from me and now they are expecting me to pay their APR on the balance of my account. T They were 21 Days late with my SAR request, I accepted their offer as long as they paid within 21 days and it took 35. BC increased my credit limit by £2k 6 months before my claim, i didn't request an increase they just gave me it, they weren't worried then were they? I'm going for it despite being the underdog. I know it was a bit foolish to accept simple interest only, but when you are struggling to feed the kids at the end of the month it was an easy route to take for a swift solution if your still awake after this rather long waffle, i would be grateful for your help
  3. Thanks CB, in better times i would have held out. That said, I have worked out that using the money sensibly i can reduce my monthly outgoings considerably making things far less difficult than they are at present. I have simply got so fed up constantly worrying about how i am going to make ends meet and really struggling the last few days of every month.
  4. Thanks, and yes, i have been a little weak on the %interest. But you know what - when you're struggling to feed the kids at the end of each month and have been for 2 years it is appealing to accept and be a little more comfortable. The pay off will mean that i'll have money in the bank and will also have increase my monthly disposable income by £180 per month as i will no longer require to pay the DD i have and will cancel. To be fair I didn't have any original paperwork and this claim could have been more difficult. I have informed them however that if they do not pay within my timescale i will pursue compound interest.
  5. Hi All Just had a letter from Barclaycard/Egg and they have upheld my complaint. This was for PPI that was added to my account when i was self employed (and also not in good health) won't bore you with all the details but i basically sent a generic complaint form from the web. They acknowledged reciept. After not hearing anything again for approx 50 days i sent a letter chasing it up and politely asking if i should go through the FOS. Got a letter of apology within 4 days requesting more time (which i granted) 2 weeks later got an offer letter together with an acceptance form. God only knows why i ever thought about using a no win no fee company for this, if I had it would of cost me £2000+ and it was a sinch even though i had no paperwork and i am pretty fick! The offer is for the refund of all my payments plus 'simple interest' the interest works out at twice the amount of the payment refund. I know that compound interest would calculate to more but finding myself in financial difficulty at the moment i have wimped out. The only down side is that they have suspended a totally differant credit card account which is a bit of a bumma and they have also demanded that they clear the balance of the previous egg card account from the awarded funds (but i would've done that anyway) One last point, i have given them 14 days to pay the funds directly in to my account, they have earnt enough interest off me by now. I informed them that if it isn't done by then i will pursue compound interest for the whole amount from day 1. Sorry if i've waffled, but hopefully the ease of which i have won will spur people on to get back what they are entitled to. All the best, Bad G
  6. Hi All Sent my letter off to Barclaycard/Egg for PPI reclaim against Egg. got a very polite letter within 5 days asking for a bit more information...i'm thinking this aint so bad, until i went to pay for petrol on my Barclaycard and it was refused. Luckily had other means to pay. I have never had any problems or missed a payment in 10 years with Barclaycard so i rung them and they said that it was because of my Egg account and my claim. Then got a statement from BC saying account suspended due to other account. Oh well, don't suppose i can do anything but oh boy it has boosted my determination to ensure i get back every penny from them.
  7. Thanks IMS, hopefully i will be one of the lucky ones with 'rhyme or reason' in my favour as i find myself struggling financially at the moment and egg forcing me to have and not allowing me to cancel the PPI (albeit £60 pm only) didn't help at all. Thanks Again BG
  8. Thanks IMS, I am not overconfident as I do not have the original paperwork. The PPI was added when I requested an increase in my credit limit. They agreed to this but only if agreed to pay PPI. This was all done over the phone. However Victoria was successful and in the same boat. She seemed to be successful in a few weeks and all she did was request a SAR. So fingers x'd
  9. Egg, but i have sent my initial letter to Barclays
  10. Thanks, My PPI was with Egg, but as Egg is now Barclays i sent it to Barclays, this was after having a look at some threads on here for advice. I hope that's right! Oh well
  11. I am indeed gonna 'go for it' Spurred on by your success!!!! Just a quickie, when you sent your first letter for the Egg reclaim, was your letter addressed and sent to Egg or Barclays? Well done you!
  12. Very Quick, Victoria!!!, I have read so many long drawn out posts describing big bun fights on the forums and they did put me off for sometime. I have now grown some courage (perhaps due to being totally skint) and it starts today. Just one further thing, did you send your 1st letter to Egg or Barclaycard? Once again well done and good luck with your pursuit for the right ammount of interest! BG
  13. Well done Victoria, I am setting out on my quest for misold PPI today. Like you I have no paperwork. I am expecting a bit of a battle but hey no pain no gain
  14. Hi All After far too long, i have today started my misold PPI claim. I have sent off the standard questionnaire posted on the lenders website, and also a SAR just in case they need it and save some time. It's going to be an uphill struggle i think because i never recieved any documents (or i have lost them). The PPI was added when i requested a higher credit limit, and i was told i could a higher limit if i agreed to pay PPI (the request was done over the phone) Just a quickie, with all the court activity etc since i last looked, has reclaiming PPI got any easier? or should i prepare for battle?
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