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  1. I have applied for an sar just wondering will this go against me or look bad? Will they question why I applied for my details?
  2. I had a look just where it states reason for applying do I put in investigation? The deadline is 1st December and have to send all bank account bills rates mortgage credit card loans birth certificates and statement of our relationship copies of everything that comes out of my bank account and they are asking from 31st August until 31st October 2 months
  3. I’ve never heard of this I will have a look thank you I have everything sitting ready to be posted but not going to send until closer to the deadline as I think they will stop my money just before Christmas my big concerns are the house insurance car insurance and letting him have finance to this address ��
  4. I telephoned the number the day that I received the letter girl from hmrc went through me asking why I would let him use this address for finance I said I didn’t know that I was not allowed to over the years he has had credit cards and a loan to this address I don’t know if they are still active as I don’t open any post I just leave for him to pick up She said that they have him down at living at his normal address but over the years he has had more links to my house than his own Sorry also the letter is from tax credits office operations h m revenue and custo
  5. Hi everyone I’m just desperate for a bit of advise I got a letter last week stating we have links to you and mr x who is the father of my 2 eldest children and ex husband we have been separated now since 2005 but never divorced mainly due to my religion and neither of us have been in a real relationship with other people we have a disabled son and we are very amicable he helps out with our eldest a lot and is very close with him. I pay all of the bills in my name we have a joint mortgage on the house and house insurance together he lives around the road in his m
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