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  1. Just found out today that i have apparently been issued a CCJ . I only found this out because i contacted a company for advice on whether to go for an IVA, which i have since decided against. They told me in passing that i had a CCJ dated 15th January. Nice of them to let me know. Anyway i rang around and discovered that the company responsible was Creation Consumer Finance for some poxy sofa i bought through Land of Leather and could manage to pay for, so i was paying through the CCCS, but when i missed one months payment due to being a silly cow, they became impatient and sent me a claim form as they were apparently taking me to court. I sent this back as requested, and between us (myself and Greenhalghs solicitors acting on their behalf) we agreed that they would not proceed with the court action and i would not receive a CCJ, if i made monthly payments of £65. To do this i was asked to send 6 predated cheques to Greenhalghs, which i did (in December 2007). 2 months later they still hadn't been cashed, so i contacted them via email as i had done before successfully, to ask what they were doing and make sure they had received the cheques, they failed to respond, so i sent another including my new address as we had moved during this time, but yet again i am still waiting for any kind of response and so we have cancelled the cheques in case they have been lost. The story so far is as i mentioned at the beginning of my essay, that i today discovered that Greenhalghs had indeed gone ahead and taken me to court anyway. I have sent them another email today questioning them on this matter. I have also contacted the court and they told me to send my new address in writing so that they can send me all the information, including the fact that the correct date for this CCJ being issued was 29th February. Can anybody tell me if i am doing the right things or if there is anything i haven't been made aware of etc??
  2. hi, i'm new to this site, i only discovered it today while i was hunting for advice on debts etc. hope everyone is well and less stressed than me...
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