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  1. thank you, Saintly! I have searched the Norwich Union website for information and all I can find is the following from the FAQ's: 9. Do I receive a cheque after a claim? Some people prefer to receive a cheque for their loss but this is becoming increasingly infrequent. Most contents insurance companies will replace items for you as they can bulk-buy. This reduces the cost of claims and ultimately helps keep premiums lower. Home Insurance, Building Insurance, Contents Insurance | FAQ's from Norwich Union I also went to the iVal website iVal - Under Construction and there is no in
  2. My son showed me a letter where he has been asked to pay his Norwich Union policy excess of 100 pounds before his home insurance claim can be dealt with. Does anyone know if this is standard practice with insurance claims? It's not what I am used to because when I made a claim myself the excess was deducted from the amount I received as settlement. I am suspicious and would like to check it out with more experienced people. It seems risky for my son - what if the claim is rejected or the amount of the loss is fixed at less than the 100 pounds which he is being asked to pay? More details:
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