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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Michael, I totally agree, in fact tried this many times, but the bank say as the account is still overdrawn, the debt is still in joint names as far as they are concerned and refuses to remove her from the account, even though we both want this. Crazy……… Ricky.
  3. Good luck Brecken iI will keep an eye on your thread Ricky
  4. Hi All, I already have a claim at litigation stage with LTSB, but need some advice on another matter. I have a joint account with my estranged wife (just about to divorce), which at one time had a 14K overdraft this was paid off and reduced to 6.5K when myself and the wife parted. At the time of separation (2 years ago) through a solicitor it was equally agreed that I personally would pay off this overdraft, as long as my wife had no access to any funds within this account. A copy of the solicitor’s letter was given to my bank manager, and they accepted the terms but reminded me as her name was still on the account she was entitled to a copy of the statement each month. What I have now learnt that over the past two years my wife has received a monthly statement (I have not in the last 9 months, even though keep chasing) they have also sent her a cheque book (lucky for me she returned it with a letter of complaint) and if I happen to get charged on the account they send her copies of everything. I know it’s a bit personal but as I am about to start action against them for £1300 in charges, and just trying to sort out if this is a separate issue worth pursuing through the BO or FSA. Any advice would be much appreciated. Ricky.
  5. Hi All, 1st sorry not updating for a while, so story to date: Went to local county court and filled out the claim, Paid the £250 fees and the claim for £7365 + costs was deemed to be served on 21st June 2006. LTSB acknowledged claim on the 28th June 2006 indicating their intention to defend my claim, they have 28 days (from 21st) to enter their defence. LTSB are using Sechiari Clark & Mitchell (SCM), yet I noticed throughout this LTSB forum that most people are dealing with MJ, is anybody else dealing with SCM ? Now just waiting for their defence, should be interesting if not anything else. Also decided to sort the business account out first before tackling the joint and CC accounts, although both have been DPA’d and 1st and 2nd letters sent, but will hold on until settlement sorted. Ricky.
  6. Hi Maddison, Just wanted to say you are not alone, I have been banking with LTSB for over 15 years and have a business account with them for just over 6 years. I have never has an overdraft facility on the business account and usually pay in every week, the charges they have applied in this time on this account amount to over £7k. I DPA’d them through there Birmingham office, 1st and 2nd letter through the same office with the usual “no thank you” from David Just (a popular name within the LTSB forum), went to local county court and served them on June 21st, they acknowledged the notice on 28th and now waiting for their defence. So just remember you are not alone and read as many threads as you can, it helps build the confidence in taking on the banks. Good Luck Ricky.
  7. Hi all, Taken the leap and issued on 19/06/06 - deemed to be served on 21/06/06 Today cool), Claim no: 6EA01000, claiming £7365.00 plus £250.00 costs and interest @ 8%. Will not wait and see if they are going to respond this time with one of their stock letters. Downsouth - I cant even begin to descibe the amount of grief I have been through with this bank, especially as I was in the middle of a seperation and now divorce (over money, thanks Lloyds), so yeah lots of grief. The business is just coming to a close as I am about to go overseas (permantly), but have been using another account I set up a little while ago once I knew this might go legal. Flamingel - Best thing to do is have a really good read in the FAQ and proceedure sections (really worth every minute spent reading), also have a look at some of the other cases so you get a good feel about things, then DPA them, calculate what they owe you once you have all the info', then start first letter, second letter, then issue, looking at what you think they owe you its got to be worth it. Good luck to the both of you. Ricky.........
  8. Hi Ewen, Just read your thread with some interest (sorry didn’t get there before). Trading standards always the best bet as a threat to the original garage, check to see if they are members of the IMI, VBRA, RMI and so on, again a possible avenues for complaint. In my opinion they have charge you for a service which they have not carried out to the industry standard. There can only be two reasons on what’s gone wrong, either they are incompetent to carry out such task or have been negligent in carrying out that task. Defiantly grounds for recourse bottom line you paid the professionals to carry out a task that they have not been able to carry out. If you need any numbers or addresses send me a PM. Ricky.
  9. Clairus99, Read your thread with some interest as a friend of mine was in the same position, and not getting anywhere with the car credit company. She got into financial trouble after about 7 months and the car credit company was getting very heavy handed. Although the financial side in not in my scope, I did however find out the company she purchased it from was claiming to be respected members of various institutes that I am a member of, and that the car she purchased for £7000 with a 120 point safety check was in fact a £4000 car with on inspection 42 problems one of which could have been life threatening. After checking out their bogus institute claims I wrote to them on my friend’s behalf threatening them with legal action (Sale of Goods) and so on. In this instance my friend’s nightmare came to an end when the credit car company agreed to take back the vehicle and return ALL payments and fees as long as no further action was taken against them. I know this does not help your situation but it may be worth looking at other aspects of the sale/purchase and so on to see if there are any other avenues you could explore. If you need a current value, a time line valuation or any other help, send me a PM, I HATE these types of cowboys and what they do to the industry I have worked in for 23. Good luck. Ricky.
  10. Thanks Barracad, just needed to make sure. Ricky.
  11. Help needed again ! Sorry forgot to ask. If a bank holds statements/information about you (charges) from May 2000 to May 2004 on microfiche does this still come under the DPA, because Barclays (sorry seperate claim) are telling me it is outside of the act and they are not required to produce this information under the DPA because they are not structured by reference to criteria relating to individuals, but of couse will do it for £3 per sheet, sounds to me like B######S but not come across this before. Any help will be much appriciated. Ta Ricky.
  12. Now just about to start moneyclaim as 14 days (letter befoe action) now up on both accounts. A quick bit of advise needed please. Am I correct in running one claim for the business charges and one claim for the personal charges, or do you just lump it all in one pot. May thanks Ricky.
  13. I am an independent engineer/assessor who works for many insurance and motoring organisations. Part of my job remit is to inspect vehicles that have been repaired by garages to a poor standard or below the industry standard (you will be amazed how many I see). Always speak/write to the insurance company first, usually if the garage is part of an approved network for the insurance company, then the insurance company would have more control over resolving your complaint. I would be very careful about going to another garage to get the vehicle rectified and then fighting to get your costs back from the original garage. Unless the actions of the original garage have deemed your vehicle dangerous or un-drivable, then the original garage should have one further attempt to rectify the problems. My advice is to get the insurance company or an independent engineer/assessor to inspect your car now, get the vehicle back to the garage for rectification and then get it re-inspected again before the car is redelivered to you. I am sure if you contact the insurance company they will organise this on your behalf. Hope it helps. Ricky.
  14. Hi Sharemaster 2, I also have three accounts with Lloyds, one business, one joint and a CC account, have now DPA'd the CC account, so appears in a similar position, good luck with your case, I have just started to notice Lloyds are being very awkward with other stuff (internet not updating, and lots of phone calls??) Ricky.
  15. Hi All, Just had the standard reply back from David Just of Lloyds, in which he writes "I do respect you opinion about our charges" (my opinions ????, also notice the letter writing skills of an assistant manager "you opinion"). Sorry moving on, now that I have had a reply back from Lloyds, do I proceed to the next stage (money claim) or do I wait as indicated in my letter the full fourteen days. I have also sent a prelim' letter for my joint account, I presume I have to wait for an official and seperate response from Lloyds before sending the second letter. I would be grateful for any advice. Ricky.
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