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  1. I complained to the FOS because Nationwide closed my account after refunding me my bank charges. They've offered me £250 complensation! I'd like to know if any other people have been offered similar amounts before I accept it. Many thanks
  2. I'm not going to bother with a branch. I think you should probably put the address as that of the head office. That's where the court documents were served to so I presume that's the address one should use.
  3. Surprise surprise! No costs have been received from Lloyds TSB. Today was the last day before they should have paid up! Methinks I need to send the bailiffs in! Anyone have any advice on this? On investigation, I seem to need to fill in form n323 but does anyone recommend contacting the bank in advance?
  4. Surprise surprise! No costs have been received from Abbey. Today was the last day before they should have paid up! Methinks I need to send the bailiffs in! Anyone have any advice on this? On investigation, I seem to need to fill in form n323 but does anyone recommend contacting the bank in advance?
  5. Father Jack, I didn't have to explain my case (and neither did the other two). It seems as though the way that the courts are dealing with these now, they just want to get through them as quickly as possible - hence 150 cases listed at the same time! He had a letter from LTSB that I hadn't received yet stating that they were paying. The judges comments about the other 2 were 'well if they can't be bothered to turn up, then I'll strike out their defence and award in your favour'. Of course, the bank do still have the option to appeal - but that's probably unlikely.
  6. Results depended on the individual circumstances but most people won there and then. Some had to go away and submit further details etc. but it was successful there on the day for most people.
  7. I've been in Guildford Court today. There were originally 150 cases listed for the same slot at 10:30am. When it came to the time, there were only about 15 cases being heard and we all went into the courtroom en masse. This post is a warning - I haven't seen this mentioned on the forum before but excuse me if I've missed it. In 2 of the cases that were heard today, the Claimant didn't turn up, but the Defendant DID. In both cases, the Defendant asked for costs and was AWARDED them by the judge. So, a stark warning to everyone. If you intend to go as far as the court, make sure you go through with it or you might end up with having to pay costs for the Defendant.
  8. Mattyb13, Yes, I had a good day today! It was good to see so many other people in similar positions - all having good outcomes. The nervousness in the room definitely lightened as more and more people saw that the process wasn't as frightening as it seemed! ....and TRUST it to be one of my cases that was first!!!
  9. It's very interesting indeed and I wish more courts would take this stance (I think we're getting there) as it would speed up the process no end.
  10. I think I remember seeing jenkers there today although I will leave it to them to explain how they got on.
  11. It was nice to meet you there Dee. I was dumfounded when I saw that we were all going into the room at the same time! Isn't there some sort of privacy issues around that? Anyway, you'd left by the time the judge got to my second case and he showed me the letter from SC&M that said they were settling. I was happy with the amount and also asked for costs - he awarded me about £100 on top.
  12. PS, All I did was ask the judge at the appropriate time to award me costs based on the unreasonable behaviour of the defendant - He was happy to oblige!
  13. Hi all and thanks for the comments. In answer to your questions: I used the wasted costs spreadsheet that exists on this site - being entirely honest with the amount of time I spent on the work. The judge awarded me just over £140 - which is what I had requested The bank didn't turn up (unsurprisingly) as they had paid me about three weeks ago Interestingly, I had another case scheduled at the same time with the same judge (LTSB had sent a letter saying they were settling, I hadn't received it so thought I should attend anyway) and I asked for costs on that case too. He was more reluctant to award me costs in that case as well but we did agree that I should be paid for my wasted effort for the morning. This amounted to about £100.
  14. Hi Christina, 'Cheque is in the post' as SC&M say - with regards to costs. I'm not sure. I presume the judge will order LTSB to pay costs by a certain date.
  15. That sounds like a fantastic idea. Interestingly enough, there were at least 2 cases at the same time as mine where the claimant hadn't been paid but the defendant didn't turn up. In both cases, the judge dismissed the defence, found in favour of the claimant and additionally awarded costs to the claimant. Why aren't cases such as this (where the defendant doesn't attend the hearing or settle beforehand) not publicised more? Surely, these are different from cases where the defendant has settled beforehand 'without accepting liability'?
  16. Well, I'm back from court. The judge awarded me costs as per my schedule of costs. Brilliant!
  17. Just back from the court. I was in a hearing with at least 15 other people! I heard that they originally had 150 cases listed for 10:30 this morning! The judge showed me a letter that he had received from SC&M yesterday saying that they were settling the case. I hadn't received this letter - hence why I was in court. Subsequently, the letter had arrived in the post this morning and I saw it when I got home. Anyway, the judge asked if I was happy with the settlement - which I was so I then asked if I could be awarded costs. He was happy to award me costs too - so it's worth asking. So, good news all round!
  18. Me too! Depending on how many others are there at this bulk hearing, I may see you there Dee!
  19. Hi there - and thanks for the tips. I'll have a read through those threads. I did submit to the court a list of cases they said they would defend but never did. Let's see how it goes.... I'll post when I return later today.
  20. Just checked. No payment has been made to the card!
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