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  1. The difference of the cases referred to by pin1onu is that in most of the recent reported instances there would be difficulty proving trespass when the use of the land as a public car park was a condition of the granting of planning permission and most likely to also be a contractual requirement in the tenancies granted by the owners. However, the point I make is not for the police or the courts to take action in respect of the rights or wrongs of parking or clamping but that they should proceed against the agents who have set up parking companies that contravene of the 'Admin
  2. I am unaware of any action other than the law of trespass that any owner of private property can currently take against someone who parks a vehicle on their property. The police need to become involved because some private landowners have created private parking provisions for commercial reasons (supermarkets, airports, etc.) and invite the public to make free use of them. Whether or not they can substantiate that somehow a contract is entered into by users is irrelevant – they have NO authority for clamping or issuing penalties. Neither have they any legal rights to attempt
  3. Further to my reply on 12 March to "Bernie the Bolt" - 'Private Parking Tickets - Template Letters' I have been contacted by my local police. Initially they suggested that my complaint was a 'civil' matter, but when I stressed that - 'that might be the case regarding the actual parking, but not so in respect of the perpetrators subsequent actions' - they said they would investigate further. My points are - In most cases the land owner is under planning and/or contractual obligations to provide FREE parking provision for customer/visitor vehicles Terms or conditions cannot be enforc
  4. You might be interested in the following. I have had notification from Avon & Somerset Police that they have appointed a police station to look into the matter and contact me, but as yet I have not been contacted. If many victims also refer their situations to the police we could ensure something is done about this illegal activity. 071222 - Letter to UKPC in response to Parking notice which had no response I act for the recipient of the above notice. Your charge is unlawful and unenforceable The pseudo official replication imparts intention to deceive and defr
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