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  1. They said they didnt have the 1st questionnaire I sent so I resent it on 12 December 2013 and got a letter on Saturday to say they were investigating and the upheld letter arrived on Wednesday so yes pretty quickMy mum doesnt pay tax can she claim the tax they took back?
  2. Its a little less than I had worked out on the spreadsheet
  3. MBNA have upheld my wee mums complaintNot sure if this thread can be merged with her HALIFAX success
  4. Aww they are its over £5.000 they didnt have and they had that many loans and paid them off after a few months,they aregoing to sign the acceptance form tonight and post it backThey are happy I did it for them as well we dont have paypal accounts to make a donation so I am going to see If I can set one up to make a donation as I have been helped with my mum and my sister
  5. Blackhorse upheld the complaint, tried to work out if correct redress but statements she had way too confusing as my sister and her husband refinanced and paid loans off early, they are happy so Thanks everyone for al the hel pI put the complaint in for them 13 November and the upheld letter dated 23rd December 2013 so not too bad at all
  6. Hi Blackhorse upheld her complaint and settled on the 3 Accounts total was just over £5K will scan th eletter tomorrow
  7. Ok quick update - Rang the Customer Advocate Office and despite having letters they say firstly No Complaint was received re the Loan only the card which was upheld huh??? Then they said oh MBNA didnt do Virgin Loans only credit cards umm the Loan Agreement states MBNA Grrrr Oh and when I sent the SAR they sent me copies of the FOS Questionnaire with the date received stamped on it
  8. There has been no decision for my mums MBNA loan and I just realised their letter stated they would issue a final response by 29 October, I cant find a telephone number for their PPI claims, is there a letter I can send.As usual everyones help appreciated
  9. Aww flip they have been getting loans up until 2012 but the later ones had no PPI. I dont hink I will ever get my head around them. Have completed the FOS questionnaire for two of them, its the working out of them thats the hassle. My mums were straight forward and using the stat sheet was a great help fpr the MBNA but this is a nightmare
  10. Trying to work out the PPI% I cant believe on a 20k loan the PPI and interest took it to a staggering 35.316 looking at the statement after paying interset and the PPI only 94.33 was coming off the balance, scarey !!!!!!!
  11. Right have found 20 k statement thats the one I used on the sheet. Sorry but honest the reams of paper they have sent is mad !!!!!!!!!!!!
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