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  1. I owed 473 council tax , equita bailiffs contacted me by letter and said they wanted the full sum , i phoned them and was told if i paid 40 it would stop the bailiffs coming. I did this and then phoned them up and asked what to do next, I was told pay as much as i can when I can. A week later the bailiff put a letter through my door demanding 622 , 433 for original debt 188 for bailiffs fees . I went to CAB ,they told me i had to pay. I phoned bailiff told him i could raise 480 now and pay the rest over a month.He accepted this and said he would be here today to collect it.He didnt turn up , i called him and he said he would be here friday, i asked if there be anymore charges , he promised there would not be. After some of the horror stories ive read on here can i trust him?
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