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  1. I’m looking for some advice on a recent issue I have had with Halfords with regards to a road bike. This had started with a dispute over the quality of work done as part of a service plan, eventually resolved by taking to an independent bike repair shop. Ultimately, I accepted a refund of the cost of the additional work required, but informed them that I was still unhappy with various other issues they were unwilling to resolve. I was informed that a manager would call 4 times, which never transpired, though I believe the whole issue would have been resolved if th
  2. Sorry if this has been covered previously - I have read the stickies and understand to a degree but am just concerned how far this could go. Basically, my car was parked in a small car park surrounded by retail units but at a time they were all shut. CEL did the usual "you owe this much, but if you pay now we give you 50% off" and I followed the instructions from registered keeper letter, debt recovery letter to the cease and desist. In the early letters I also added a point requesting a list of the clients who they were acting on behalf of on the basis that if this was provided I would c
  3. Hi - posting for the first time having scoured the forums for advice (all of it very useful) so please bear with me - all this may have been covered in another I have not seen. Yesterday I received the usual "Parking Contravention" invoice through the post stating that my car was parked in a retail park between 19.30 and 23.11 on a certain date. Checking dates and times I noted that my wife had taken some friends for a meal in Huddersfield and parked in the car park of a, by that time, closed shop near to the restuarant. Other cars, some of the same group, were also in this car park. My w
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