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  1. thnaks for your help i will be posting the Sar in the morning
  2. Hi there, i am about to send my first letter to RBS credit card asking for copies of defaults etc, im just worried that if i proceed with this that they will demand i pay of the full amount of my credit card and my loan with them are they able to do this? Showuld i open a new Bank account as well as i do Bank with them Thanks in advance for any help or reassurance
  3. Hi there, im just wondering ig there is a template letter to use or what i should do,i sent letter to hfc requesting a copy of my loan agreement i used timeline 40 days and template from here and i have heard nothing back what should my next step be please. Just not sure what to put in the next letter Wuld relaly appreciate your help
  4. Hi there Thanks a lot for your relpy, much appreciatted, im just printing out the letter now, will keep you up to date.
  5. Hi folks, i have a question and wonder of some one can advice me before i proceed with a letter. I took out a loan with beneficary roughly around 2000-2001 i have misplaced the paperwork for this, before the loan was finnishing i renewed it with a top up loan and paid off the first loan. Both these loans have ppi, my question is, when i write a letter to them, do i request information about the first loan and the ppi details or just the second loan i used to pay off the first one. Will i get a refund on both? I feel i was miss sold these products as basicaly my work cove
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