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  1. Hi all Orange contract ends 01-02-2011 Current plan is web dolphin £20 per month 300 mins unlimited texts and unlimited web Rang up last night after 2 hours on hold i gave up so tried again this morning, was offered and agreed to the following same plan £12.50 per month 24 months lg optimus g540 having thought this through i am thinking of refusing the phone when it arrives, i tried for fifteen minutes to get a better handset at 12.50 per month, i have been with orange 9 years and estimate to have spent 8k or so with them. Any views on this
  2. they are telling me as far as they are concernced its case closed though sorry just confused have read up just feel like im going round in circles at present
  3. havent i already sent an account in dispute letter previously though? getting confused now
  4. thanks a lot pinky gettin seriously annoyed as halifax are definitley passing my details on to bcard as they have lowered my limit significantly this month. consdiering as of yet i havent even missed a payment to halifax (yet) how can they do this? so just send the above letter and sit and wait pinky? thanks again
  5. credit card application is the heading dont think i have requested the sar how do i do that please pinky? thanks again for help
  6. right heres the correspondence i got from those lovely people at the halifax http://i730.photobucket.com/albums/ww310/barnsie/IMG_1117.jpg http://i730.photobucket.com/albums/ww310/barnsie/IMG_1118.jpg http://i730.photobucket.com/albums/ww310/barnsie/IMG_1127.jpg thanks for any further help provided all the best
  7. ok sorry pinky will post over weekend thanks for your help again as ever
  8. right got a pretty ropey pic of the signature bit with my mobile will try and get better, not sure if it matters but my signature isnt dated nor is it signed or dated by a halifax employee thanks for all help again http://i730.photobucket.com/albums/ww310/barnsie/hali.jpg
  9. thanks guys ill try and post up asap thanks for support
  10. not got news sent back the original cca with my sig on it also a very snooty letter attatched written almost with glee i think im defeated
  11. hi again pinky thanks for ur reply my reference shows up as being signed for at halifax. one thing of note upon logging into my online banking today and clicking on the card in dispute it no longer says "account in dispute" maybe a letter is on way thanks again
  12. i have also noticed on three other credit cards i hold the credit limits have all been cut darstically this month looks like halifax may be passing on info already and i havent even missed a payment yet! any help on whether i should be chasing them up yet appreciated
  13. no reply yet i do notice that on my online banking the credit card now says "in dispute" how long should i give them? thanks again
  14. its much appreciated pinky have sent what i hope is my last payment tonight as i might not be back in full working order for a month so want to be 100% when tackling this will send letter tommorow thanks again
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