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  1. Please find enclose the letter wording which i used for my claim against Cabot, sent to their CEO. This resulted in a cheque by return form them. I write following a court claim issued by you as mentioned above. I appreciate that you will have no knowledge of the circumstances of this specific claim but in light of your firms conduct in this matter I feel I have no alternative but to bring this to you for your urgent attention. This was a matter in which your firm initially wrote to me on 27th December 2007 setting out details of an alleged debt in respect of an unpaid loan to
  2. So, These seem to be new kids on the block. I recieved a couple of letters from these. I have never used Scottish Power so i know it is not me they seek. I sent them an e-mail detailing this, but they, like all the others, persist. Their last letter said I had had my chance, and now they could advise their client to issue, which they may do if I do not pay up. I have now sent them a final e-mail, asking them to re-read my others and to look up the word JURISDICTION. Has anyone here had any dealings with these idiots? I have never phoned a DCA, but this one is te
  3. Simple searches cannot be removed and cannot be seen by potential creditors. Dave,
  4. Hey, I went to bed so was unable to respond last night. In response to all the queries above regarding my posts I will say the following: A contract does not have to be signed and a DCA would be able to show a contract had been made by them asking you to pay, and then you making payment. Whether this be a single payment or a number of frequent payments a contract has been made. This giveds them proof of a legal contract upon which they could bring action and then it would not matter about the legal validity of the debt, the only matter would be that you agreed to pay £xx
  5. And in addition, if I were a DCA and you stopped paying me, I would sue you immediately for breach of contract. They would then be in a winning situation from the start, with all the evidence they require. I'm afraid, thet once someone agrees to pay, the disservice to oneself is already done. Dave,
  6. Are you drunk, sir? What you have said has relevance; however, there could be serious repercussions for people who do this, and then the DCA's do take valid action. Dave,
  7. As you guys have said, it is of course beneficial to ask the DCA's to supply the information prior to them issuing a claim, because then you can show the court that they have failed to explore all settlement oppertunities thus little weight should be applied to their case.
  8. Hi Dipply, The best way of dealing with Cabot and/or other DCA's is to put them to proof of their claims which, of course, they are unable to do on 99.9% of the matters that they handle. Cabot admitted to me that they purchase only the basic details from their suppliers and this, i believe, is their downfall. They rely solely on 'customers' rolling over and holding their hands up. If everyone challenged them to prove their claims, then they would be in hot bother, quickly. I would suggest to anyone who gets a letter to send a simple return letter requesting that they prove
  9. Hi Tomterm, I am considering action against the company that provided the CRA with the incorrect info as it was them who caused all the problems. Dave,
  10. It would seem so as my complaint was for this in addition to their incompetence. They paid the figure I suggested to them which makes my regret not putting a larger amount! Oh well, I shouldn't complain regards,
  11. So, I recieved a response from Willem. I think it is quite self explanatory. Woo Hoo! Dave,
  12. Hey, Me and you seem to be in the same situation. Mine has now been passed to the 'pre-litigation department' who have wrote to me saying that will pass it to the 'litigation department' if I don't respond. I responded to their first letter in the same way i do them all, advising them that I do not owe the debt and then invite them to prove it. What I did was get my credit file (well worth the £2.00) and then this will show all debts associated with you that are not statue barred. It also has a lot of other useful things like address associations. (mine suggested that I lived
  13. Hey BB, Just to clarify, I am NOT a qualified solicitor. I work as a lawyer, but never saw through the studies. Instead I went for experience behind a desk adn this has paid off for me. I am just very interested in the law and learn by teaching myself what I need to know, when i need to know it. Wellinghoff has only a few days left to respond, then he will feel full force of a CAG member. is his e-mail just wwellinghoff@crapbot do you know? Regards, David.
  14. Can you believe it..... I am now going through the whole process again, but with Lowlife Financial. I have sent them my final helpful letter today and lets see if they pass it to their litigation department!!! I have never even had a Capital One card that they are chasing payment for. Well, here goes again. David,
  15. I can, later, as my scanner is not connected at the moment. The most laughable one in there is that they say "in the event that we make a mistake, or we could have done something better, we will do our best to put this right for you" I think, what they were supposed to say was "Our staff are untrained and do not know the law. As a result, we often cut corners, give misleading statements, fail to provide any information and have no idea if you are the right person, but if you point this out to us, we will continue to defend our position and try to squirm our way out of eve
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