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  1. I guess my next question is should I reply or not? and if so what should my response say? This is the initial response I complied to UKCPS when I first received notification of the PCN. Original letter.pdf
  2. Sorry guys - I have re-scanned the original correspondence. ukcps.pdf
  3. Well, it has been quite some time - over a year to be exact, however, I have finally received further correspondence to my previous response (which they claim not to have received?) regarding this matter - any advice would be appreciated?
  4. Something along the lines of this ericsbrother? In association to the above reference, please note your records that there is no keeper liability, and as such, you are required to refer to the driver at the time of this alleged offence, who UKCPS are obliged to identify.
  5. Alas - the next instalment of the saga has arrived, I've now received correspondence from a solicitors in relation to the PCN, as detailed below, any advice on how to proceed would be much appreciated - I've now been requested to pay £250....
  6. Good afternoon... I received the following correspondence from UKCPS today off of the back of my previous letter, which they seem to be referring to as an appeal? This letter doesn't advise what the next steps are, or even address the points in my previous correspondence. what's everyone's thoughts?
  7. Thank you silverfox1961 - much appreciated!
  8. What bout this then? Dear Sir/Madam, I am in receipt of you letter dated 27th August 2015, which was received on 1st September 2015 and the contents are noted. I can confirm that I was the registered owner and keeper of the vehicle, registration **** ***, on the date in question. However, this is the first correspondence I have received from you in association to this matter, and based on the date of the alleged parking incident, you are out of time to enforce this by virtue of the PoFA 2012 - as you made no contact within the prescribed enforcement period. Furthermore, your letter lays out no legal grounds, as you have failed to outline your case against the registered owner and keeper, and it is also poorly laid out - failing to ensure that it is headed by the words ‘Letter before Action’. In addition, you claim that you will include interest at 10% above base rate is incorrect. If this matter were to proceed to court, all you could claim is the statutory interest, nothing more. Unless you provide absolute proof that previous letters addressed to the registered owner and keeper have been posted by you, then you should cancel this charge in full. As there is no keeper liability, due to UKPCS’ failure to follow procedures, any further demands will be reported as harassment under both criminal law and civil tort. If you do decide to proceed with court action, then I intend on fully defending this case. For transparency, I will also be sending a copy of your very poorly worded letter, as well as, my response to Patrick Troy, of the BPA, to highlight your poor practices. Yours faithfully
  9. To whom it may concern, On Tuesday, 1st September 2015, I received correspondence from your company, regarding ticket reference *******, allegedly issued 10th June 2015, which states that I have 14 days to respond before the matter is issued to court. This is the first correspondence that I have received regarding this alleged event, and as such, it cannot be construed to be a Notice to Keeper, as required by the protocols of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, as 1) it is issued out of time and 2) it does not contain the necessary information regarding the event and alleged breach. Furthermore, it fails to contain the correct wording to be considered a letter before action, under the pre-action protocols of the Civil Procedure Regulations. As there is no keeper liability, due to UKPCS’ failure to follow procedures, any further demands will be reported as harassment under both criminal law and civil tort. For transparency, I have also issued a copy of this correspondence to Patrick Troy, of the BPA, to bring this matter to their attention. Regards, Hows this?
  10. Thank you guys - really appreciate your help, its touching that so many people are willing to help others in these matters - otherwise these cowboys will continue to get away with their appalling behaviour. Out of interest - is there a certain template letter that fits the criteria of this? I'm terrible at letter writing ::
  11. It was in a car park which I now know belongs to a housing association, in Leeds. By NTK I trust you mean notice to keeper? I've not received any correspondence prior to this, although from my experience I'm aware you normally receive one or two letters prior to this.
  12. Bazooka Boo - the date of the alleged offence was 6th June 2015, the letter received from UKCPS is dated 27th August 2015.
  13. This is a private parking company we're talking about madmatt101
  14. Hi guys - really need some advice! I received a PCN for allegedly parking without a valid permit around three months ago, I foolishly disregarded this and thought nothing more of the matter. Imagine my surprise when I received the below correspondence - This is the first letter I have received with regards to this matter and was wondering how best to proceed?
  15. Another week another reply, this time they attached two a4 sheets with pictures of my vehicle, no driver, just my vehicle parked up. This is the last letter i sent them... Dear Sirs, Re: Your letter dated [dd/mmmm/yyyy] Reference[#] At this juncture there is nothing further that I can add to my letter of dd mmmm yyyy (copy enclosed). In your latest letter you made reference to the registered owner. I am advised that there is no such thing. I have acknowledged being the registered keeper. I would point out the owner is not necessarily the same person. As stated before You appear to claim that I, as registered keeper, am legally responsible for this alleged debt. I deny this. Please substantiate this claim with appropriate citations of case and/or statute law. You also claim that "A recent a decision in the Court of Appeal has confirmed that provided adequate notice of unauthorised parking is given the driver/owner accepts the terms as set out and therefore consents to the penalty charge which may be incurred." I believe that this statement is factually incorrect and misleading. Would you please cite the case reference so I can access these public records for myself. It is my view that a third party cannot be made party to a contract without their knowledge and consent. However as already stated I have acknowledged being the registered keeper only. I have already asked you to take this matter up with the driver. You have also alleged that as the registered keeper it is my responsibility to be aware of who is in possession of your vehicle at anytime. I refute this claim. While I am happy comply with such requests for information from legally authorised bodies, such as the police and and persons with a court order, I am under no legal obligation to provide this information to a third party such as yourself. Please substantiate this claim with appropriate citations of case and/or statute law. You also state you will seek a court order to force disclosure of the driver. I will welcome the opportunity to defend this and all your other allegations in court and am confident of success. Of course you will be required to produce the evidence that I have requested and you have failed to provide. You will also have to answer to the court why you failed to do so. I do not feel you are acting reasonably. I have asked you to provide evidence to substantiate your claim against me and you have not done so. I feel that I have done all that I can to assist you. Unless you provide evidence to substantiate your claim against me I shall be unable to help you further in this matter. This alleged debt therefore remains disputed by me. Save for supplying the evidence referred to above or confirming that the matter is now closed I must ask you to cease and desist correspondence with me Other than as described above, any further correspondence from you or any other party in relation to this matter may result in a complaint to the authorities under the Protection From Harassment Act 1997. Yours faithfully And this is the reply I received today - http://i30.tinypic.com/29av0uc.jpg Im getting sick and tired of these people now! Has anyone managed to sustain the replies they get and live to tell the tale?
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