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  1. Just and update SUCCESS we have received a letter from bank saying they will pay the cash amount in full and final payment along with towing and garage report fees. they have removed the £2000 from my credit card statement and are requesting a chargeback from mastercard. they have said that we need to keep a hold of the car for 45 days and if mastercard do not come and collect then we can do with it what we want. Has anyone else experienced this and which part of the law states this, is it 45 days from when and will they notify us when the timescale is up. Well chuffed we are getting our money
  2. still not sorted out but had an interesting conversation with bank who wanted us to email garage and tell them car is still available to collect, they asked us to confirm where we got the cash to pay the balance of the car. they said its still not sorted out they will try to get a chargeback for the amount paid on the card but said this does not affect any decision made concerning us but the wifey I spoke to mentioned something about us maybe selling the car via webuyanycar or similar and them paying the difference. surely we shouldn't have to do this and if this is the decision they come to d
  3. got a report done and bank are going to foot the bill up to £100 well that the cost in total. Have sent them the report which points out even more faults with the car including the brakes so wait to hear back. just have to wait and see what they come back with after all the stuff I have sent them can't see how they can come back and not give us our money back/ will keep posted.
  4. The car has been sorn so would need to get tow to garage and back which costs money the report costs money no guarantee will get back and if we had dumped car at the garage we had bought it from we would have no way of getting a report done surely if they want one it's up to them to arrange
  5. Update - my credit card company came back and said that they weren;t liable as the name on my credit card is different to the name of the garage, But after alot of searching on the internet and the info obtained here I provided them with evidence of a direct link between the companies and they are now saying I may have a claim under section 75. What they are asking for is an independent report from a garage detailing the faults and the cost of repair. Even after I have sent them evidence from the company who put it to auction that the car had faults. What I want to know is whether this is norm
  6. thank you for all that information very informative and sure will come in useful x
  7. the v5 is in my husbands name there is no insurance or tax on the vehicle and I wouldnt put it past the garage to leave sitting on the road where my husband is liable for all tickets etc that are issued so that not gonna happen. a section 75 has been started what i wanted to know s what will happen to the car after ths is resolved will the credit card company come and collect it etc
  8. Yes that the address and it is relatively new although they have traded in lochee dundee under a different name. Can;t take car back would mean driving it and it is unfit to drive because of gearbox issues and engine issues not about to drive it and get stuck halfway there. besides it is their faulty vehicle as we have rejected it so it is up to them to come and collect there is no insurance on it anymore and we have sorn it to get our tax back so once again not driving it and risking getting fined and points on licence.
  9. the company is brechin car company in scotland and remainder was paid in cash and yes I expect a fight but I have loads of evidence of the fault before the garage even took possession of the car and sold it on as well as misrepresentation on their behalf. what I wanted to know was how successful other people were and what happens to the car if money is paid out by cc company
  10. we bought a car just before xmas within days it developed faults, we exercised our right to reject in writing to the garage at beginning of year and you guessed it they are ignoring us. we have gotten trading standards involved as they think there may be mis-represented laws they have broken such as saying it has warranty and it doesn;t and that there is service history which has never been received and failing to disclose where it came from when asked. this will not get us our money back so we are going down the route of S75 with credit card company only 20
  11. debt was just in his name and not sure about if restriction, this was placed a few years ago and nothing has happened with the CO since
  12. my dad got into debt and subsequently had a charge placed on the house after a credit card debt was taken to court. he died last year and now my mum looking to sell. do we have to remove the charge or will this automatically be gone and nothing owing when my mum comes to sell. she hasn;t notified the credit card company that he died last year. any help appreciated thank yu
  13. father in law is a worrier and son only been there one nite so reckon they will prob be back together by end of week but if it looks like it gonna be a permanent thing then will tell him to notify the benefits agency save any fussing about telling them of a change and then having to change again if he then goes back with partner. thanks
  14. hi I'm posting on behalf of my father in law. he is on benefit he get housing, council and income support he is in his early 70s, his son has just moved back in after his relationship broke down he works full time. what my father in law wants to know and is worried about is whether he has to inform the benefits agency that his son is now living there. any advce would be appreciated thanks in advance
  15. have decided to sell private plate first and put money towards new plate but as you said before the private plate is on caar and just need v5 but we don't have any paperwork for the original reg that was on car when first registered so how can i get old reg put on and private plate put on retention. sorry to be a pain
  16. need more help please, have looked for any paperwork relating to the original private plate we have on the car and can't find any, can i get in touch with the dvla to send out replacement paper work, thanks for any help
  17. okay, so if i buy a new plate do i have to send of new plate forms to get new plate on car and tax disc changed and the dvla send a form for retention of old plate or do i have to send off to get retention first and then put new one on/ it just confuses me thanks for the help
  18. hopefully someone can help me with this. I bought hubby a private plate years ago which is on our current car. I have seen a new plate Iwould like to get him for his xmas and wondered how to go about putting another private plate on. would be buying from dvla so will have already paid the £80 assignment fee when buy new one. is it just a case of putting on new plate and then getting a form back from dvla to say we still own the old plate and can either sell or put on another car. hope this makes sense thanking you in advance
  19. I live in a seperate town to my previous address and the dialling code is different so how come they have the fone number but the address doesn't match. They didn't tell me the other address just asked if I'd lived at other adresses and when told yeh loads she hung up. Anyway it in my maiden name and all my dealings are in my married name so stuff them. Maybe I'm not the person they want. They prob got a long list of fone numbers and going down the line to find the right one.
  20. No letter just a phone call message from bottom feeding DCA. Found some interesting stuff on national debtline scotland which goes like this. HOW LONG CAN I BE PURSUED FOR THE DEBT? If your home has been repossessed and sold, mortgage shortfall debts can be pursued against you. If the lender obtained a sheriff court decree for repayment of the debt against you they are likely to have up to 20 years to pursue you. If on the other hand there is no court order, e.g. you gave up the house before the court date, the lender may be restricted to trying to recover the debt within five yea
  21. I'd like to see them write when they don't have the right address. O well wait and see what comes of it. bring it on.
  22. don't know if this the right place but need some advice. Almost 16 years ago I had a mortgage with a bank, hubby lost job couldn't keep up payments etc so gave house back to bank without a forwarding address at the time. They then sold this but I don't think they got all that was owned on the mortgage. Anyway this was in my maiden name and now have a debt collection agency on a phising trip and the only things I know about in maiden name is this and a credit card possibly a catalogue. So would it take a bank or debt collection agency this long to try and recover the monies on this. And if so i
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