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  1. Jezzyjet I live in Enfield too and am in the same predicament as you. Have you had any luck since posting this thread? Thanks
  2. hi, i was towed away last week for parking in what i thought was a parking pay on a residential road (greenway avenue in walthamstow). the markings have been there for years and recently some of the bay markings have been repainted however where i parked, the markings were the old ones, still visible on the ground. when i returned to my car there was absoluteley no notification that my car had been towed or where it had gone or where to call. nothing. i understand that a poster should have been left on a lamppost or something where my car had been parked to inform me? can someone clarify? i was so distressed as i thought my car had been stolen. i am so outraged as i went back for four days after to find cars had been parked exactly how i had been parked in that bay but it just comes down to pot luck if you get towed. am i right to base my appeal on the fact that the markings are ambiguous and any reasonable person would construe that this is a valid bay? if they dont want people to park there then they should remove any markings to avoid this confusion. this is just a money grap for them. i look forward to your thoughts on this!
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