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  1. Hiya, I am after opinions on what I have found out after trying to renew my partner's car insurance with a well known insurance company. I have posted this on another forum but with little response so was hoping for some views / opinions. We've had car and home insurance with this company for up to 10 yrs with no claims to date. Every year we renew it, go over details etc make sure all correct and last year the renewal went up considerably which they said was due to a speeding S30 fine in Oct 08. No problems, we accepted it (painfully but then it was his fault!). This year aft
  2. Maplins are great, until you have a problem with a faulty item. Then you might as well chuck the item in the bin, lot less hassle from my experience.
  3. I would imagine that Welcome have sold a load of bad debts that they are having no joy collecting on. Its the only way they can make instant money on it. That is if they have sold them though. If the debt agency is collecting on their behalf then it could be Welcome see this as a way to scare non paying debtors into paying.
  4. this was from my mse post where I am Ms-Pacman. Also the sites mentioned fighting debt is mine. I've now got over 3000 numbers but an eye op delayed progress but I'm back on it now. I post the lists of numbers on mse, here and my website purely to get the numbers comng on google results (which are at the top for most) to help people find sites like this to get help. I stopped colour coding the cheaper rate numbers as so many say DO NOT CALL A DCA, but the logic is that people panicking will, so I keeep it on my website instead. Any more numbers or suggestions always greatfully
  5. thanks too, thats my website and I've got more numbers to add, about 3 thousand lol (eye op has stalled website updates) hers a few more of lowells until I can get them up! If you look at the numbers you can see there are a few obvious inbetween ones missing but I'm testing a few just to be sure... ps I'm always after more! 0845 309417, 0845 309416, 0844 8444716, 0845 2797122, 0845 2797123, 01153 308600, 01132 856550, 01133 086000, 01133 086119, 01133 086108, 01133 086104
  6. Hi dragonkeeper, I was replying to an earlier post but whilst taking ages to type (on phone) a few more posts got added in between. sorry!
  7. what's happening with these forums? Not just this site in particular but loads. I am a member of 7 forums. I have had amazing help from all with some really amazing kind people. I read more than I post and it really dismays me about the amount of petty bickering that goes on between forums which are all trying to do the same thing. I thought that these forums was help the desperate, the scared, the vunerable and the plain old can't afford to eat. This is by no means an attack on this site in particular but a query, what the bloody hell is happening where people like us tryin
  8. We bought a car stereo for £150, item faulty no other stock. They offered a refund or credit note. We stupidly said credit note as buy loads there. Had credit note. Used it to buy various things including a audio converter. Item was faulty exchanged. They marked the receipt with a big R but did not give a new receipt for the replacement. The original shop said R meant replacement. The shop we took it back to said R was refund but when we said how was that possible as we had the item and they refused to contact the other shop until the police got involved.
  9. oh my goodness, I have a faulty item that I exchanged from a previous faulty item of the same product that also involved the police being called out. The police were lovely and couldn't understand why maplins felt the need to call them out as they said both my partner and I were not threatening in anyway. Basically the manager wanted us out as we refused to leave the shop due to their cock up over a receipt (even though the branch we bought it from confirmed it was an error!). He threatened to call the police thinking it would scare us out. Now the replacement item has failed (
  10. We've got a copy of a document from the land register that shows a caution on the property as well as a charge. I'm waiting to see a photocopy as my sister didn't know what it meant. Just waiting for an email with a few scanned documents,
  11. thanks, its really useful to get other peoples opinions on this situation as being related to the people involved does mean things get emotional and I need to be very clear on what I need to do.
  12. thats really interesting to read but as right now we have no legal right does this mean we can ask for the information based on suspected fraud, or would it be best to let the polce or solicitors get it? To be honest one bank have been amazing helping more than I thought they would but I guess its in their interest too.
  13. Thanks Cymru, you're right but to be honest this is typical for dad's response. I don't think he's involved in fraudulent activity, but has not done anything like contacting bank for example when nana died. I suspect he's panicking that its his fault and he'll be in trouble so is doing his usual act of sticking his head in the sand and being aggressive when people try to help. He's always been like that and I've always defended him, but this situation is too disgraceful to ignore. The stupid thing though is that my uncle is terrified of him and would do as dad says, but he won't
  14. we believe there are other accounts, including a savings account that has vanished which my sister paid into for my nana which was money to get care for grandad should she die first as he then had dementia. There would be no loans or credit cards if they were linked to uncles business but I'm convinced they are not so it is a possibility. The uncle always has hundreds and hundreds of pounds of cash in his wallet, big bundles and likes to show it off. He goes into the local town a lot mainly to put on bets. The house is all filthy and disgusting and falling apart but with 2 massive very new
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