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  1. its resolve call working for rbs for a credit card debt that i have not long defaulted on on the card it doesnt say who their client is
  2. hi all i have received a hand delivered letter today from resolvecall asking that i ring them is there a letter i can send to them so they wont do dooorstep vists again thankyou
  3. thankyou for the prompt reply just one thing i have 2 addresses one in gogarburnin edinburgh and the other one in st andrews road i think which is the correct one please
  4. hi all i took the above accountout about 15 years ago and was told i needed to take this account to get an overdraft how would i get a copy of all my statements thanks
  5. heres my reply to these muppets NOTICE OF FEE FOR SERVICES REQUESTED YOUR REF; Dear sir/madam, I am writing in reference to your unsigned notice dated 03/03/15 and your subsequent requests for me to return the relevant section on this notice giving the drivers full name and servicable address and to pass this notice onto the driver. Please note;That in order for me to carry out the services requested,you will need to forward payment of my fees for services rendered. My fees currently stand at £500 for requests of this nature. I regret,that I am unable to carry out any services requested by vehicle control services until full payment has been made in advance. I am sorry if this causes any inconvenience. Please ensure,that any further notices or requests from vehicle control services must be accompanied by full payment for the services you have requested. Failure to do so will incur further charges and administration fees for dealing with such notices/requests. Should I not receive payment within 14 calendar days,i will presume that you no longer require my services and your order will be cancelled .However,a cancellation fee may still be charged to you yours
  6. everton2005


    back again stating collection will restart
  7. wonder who lowell maybe they seem to be flavour of the month
  8. well i sent a letter to carters stating no prescribed terms and no signature and received a letter off fredricksons saying the account had been returned to their client
  9. thank you for your help its most appreciated
  10. no all that was present was a single page application as for the default argos did issue one thanks
  11. well well well it now been passed to bryan carter who is demanding full payment within 14 days
  12. everton2005


    thanks for the info mike cheers
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