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  1. It's around £15,000 as it stands. Will I need to send the a letter before action and a subject access request, before filing the claim? Do you know how long they have? I'm guessing due to the current climate things take longer?
  2. Hi Fkofilee, Thanks for the reply. I looked into mco, and it will cost over £600 to file the claim?
  3. Hi Cag member's, I apologise if i have posted in the wrong thread. Was Looking for some advice please, with a situation I have with Revolut ltd. I have been using the app for over a year, just for the purpose of travel, but in March 2020 I started using their trading platform. Everything was working without any issues. I was toping up my Revolut account fine, Trading fine, Then in August 2020 my wife & I made a transfer from her bank account to my Revolut account, (which we've done before) I then moved the transferred funds into my Revolut savings account. 2
  4. Hi All The area where I live had a power cut yesterday. 300 homes was affected. Uk Power Networks has offered each household £200 as a good will gesture, towards any out of pocket expenses or any excess that is applicable to your Insurance policy. My questions are: 1) Is UKPN liable for the damage to residence's appliances? Which as we know, most appliances cost more than £200(tv, stereo, washing machine ECT.) I have over £ 900.00 worth of appliances that are now not working due to the power cut. 2) Why should we have to claim against our house Insurance and risk our
  5. Hi all ! I have been using this site and others for sometime now and have successfully appealed several pcn's. Have found the information,advise and support from Members outstanding.. So thank you to you all ! At present I am trying to seek Restitution for a pcn that went all the way to the bailiff stage. I ended up paying £747.52. Now through the research I've done. I believe that the pcn which was issued did not comply with the 2 date issue. Wrote a letter to the bailiff company asking for restitution and received a reply stating that The matters I referred to took
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