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  1. Hey HCE, have you seen this: BBC News - Internet access is 'a fundamental right' Especially as it should be a fundamental right to access cag 24/7
  2. suddenly! a spark! this is awesome dudes - and the wheels are turning in that AT LEAST lawmakers can see that there is a problem which goes against the grain of doing things right - although labour seemed to ignore the question completely - loved the Lucas : "I thank the noble Lord for that rather unsatisfactory Answer" - this is what I have had ALL along with the council, the bailiff, the police and the courts. No more unsatisfactory answers from anyone please - it makes you all look stupid and not fit for purpose!!!!! You can hear the initial cold, ignorant perhaps arrogant s
  3. complete dribble aj has 27 posts to joncris's 10000 joncris you are a legend - and thank you for your help on my post - a pleasure reading your posts, thanks you thank you aj - you are a fraud, so what, so what if you are new to cag - apologise! it will do u good
  4. erm, this is my post about my experience with bailiff - that's what. if you have nothing constructive to say - don't bother.
  5. it's "a profession built on fear and intimidation" the police could be said to be a bit like that in the past - but the ipcc made it all fairer - and the police name got much much better we need an ibcc - at the very very minimum £100 an hour is cheap! £350ph is the going rate i believe - at newlyns
  6. and so says a powerless third party ! you're only saying that because of your sole motive in all of this... money - someone elses at that.... it's not your money, it's not your property hmmmm. but do you still agree to take all that stuff for an unpaid parking ticket - and climb thru windows if need be? btw: your opinion is wholly irrelevant to my comment as you really have no say on the matter no wonder no one likes you guys and the reason why this site rocks an unnecessary profession for today and tomorrows world see: Medieval Occupations In the future... histor
  7. from the form 4 / bailiff bond???? sweet - i bet watching beat the bailiff on that is one of the best seats ever
  8. i thought you said no internet fluffs - and it was unnecessary!!!! car, phone, internet, computers (not tv, dvd or sky), fridge, washing machine, kettle and furniture should not be able to be taken hostage in 21C
  9. internet is a necessity for me - and millions and billions of people around the world i will not sit in a cold room with a blanket and candle and say this is good enough for me - and this is all i need in my life- during the blitz for sure... but not in 21st century I have lots of respect for lots and lots of people but your comment, that i should have some respect in truth bears the mark of a society that i don't really want to... bicker Materialistic? You seem to suggest that i am not in need? and should not be on cag? and i sense you took offence to something i said - pl
  10. internet is a necessity but it appears bailiffs can still take computers? shocking!
  11. and mobiles, and cars, and laptops and holidays and whatever else - none of a bailiffs business really - anywhay, how else are we to watch beat the bailiff on sky tv?
  12. i just read the mudshires report - i know for sure i was totally ripped off - newlyn did not knock on my door either but just clamped! jolago, really hope you get justice - i didn't - yet
  13. hey - i just read up yesterdays posts - wow - good conversation sorry if i offended anyone by rolloking anyone - i blame joncris - he used that term before and it seems quite apt in many places on the net as for your Q: (PS Hazza, why is it OK for a tenant to "take possession" of a property until a debt is repaid, but not for a baliff to do this with other property? I dont think I even need to say that there is no basis in law whatsoever to follow the process you outlined above - you would be rapidly evicted) simples! the tenant is party - the bailiff is a 3rd party
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