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  1. Hi GM, Thanks for that, good to know you're there. Don't want to sound ungrateful, but I hope I don't need you!!! I'll update after the weekend. Thanks again, PV
  2. Hi again, Ah yes, I remember GM mentioning that now... she said that we could make them "reveal all". I don't think they have anything and they've bought a dud and We've called their bluff. It's fingers crossed time now methinks. I would like to get it struck out as soon as possible just so it's not hanging over me for some indeterminate length of time. Thanks for your input. PV
  3. Hi CCM, Crapbot have to respond to my defence by close of business on Monday, if not then the court told me that the case will be stayed. I was told by the Court to phone them on Tuesday morning for an update. So, no AQ yet. I don't know what an N244 is but I have sent CPR 31.14 requests TWICE with absolutely no response from Crapbot. Thanks, PV
  4. Hi IAMIT. I certainly intend to hit them for costs. And report them to all and sundry as well. They've bought a stat barred debt with no supporting paperwork, added preposterous charges of around 5k, wasted the courts time and made me ill with worry. I've already been in touch with my M.P. who is not happy at all with their behaviour. Is the general consensus that they'll discontinue do you think? Thanks PV
  5. I'm thinking of writing to RBS along the lines of "I am bemused as to why I have received a "Special Offer" to settle this account from you whilst it is in serious dispute with Britannia BS.... Unfair collection practice etc..." PV
  6. Oh ODC, How i LOVE your letters, I LOVE them!!! LOL Surely they'll discontinue the court case...surely? I think I'm winning here... Cheers, PV
  7. Hi Emma, Some help with a letter would be great thanks! Sorry you had a sh1tty day, hope the food and tv help you chill out! (Ugly Betty I presume?!). Thanks, Speak soon, PV
  8. LOL! I presume you mean we wait for an OFFICIAL response from the OC? We're sure the mis-sold PPI & charges will wipe much more than 40% off. Is this standard procedure then? Thanks PV
  9. Hi bmw, I agree with you totally. I need a good letter to send to them to get them to drop the case! PV
  10. That's excellent Andy, thank you so much. Have a great weekend my friend. speak soon. PV
  11. Yes, I sent it at the outset. They replied to say I made a payment of £20 on **/**/2004 so they had a right to collect. I wrote back to ask for proof of payment and got exactly the same template letter in reply. So they've never proved the payment was made. I know for sure it wasn't! Thanks, PV p.s. Kings Hill No.1 placed a default for this account on my file in Oct 2001 and it's fallen off m:-)y CRF now. If a payment had been made in 2004 then surely it would still be on there until 2010?!
  12. Hi Andy, So I'm effectively asking them to "put up or shut up" by asking them to amend? I'm certain this is stat barred anyway so I don't think they'll find the agreement. They claim a payment was made in 2004 and, despite being asked for proof of payment, they have not replied. They have not responded to my CPR request either. Could you please give me an idea of how to word the request to them to amend their POC? Maybe when they realise they have no paperwork then they'll drop the case? Thanks a lot, PV
  13. Hi Andy, Thanks for looking in again. Can I get it struck out at some point? The court tell me that Monday 20th is now Cabot's final day to respond to my defence. I know I need to be patient but I'd like to put all this behind me as soon as the litigation process allows. Many thanks, PV
  14. Hi, Update: No reply from the Britannia since writing to them re PPI and charges. Received this letter today: Coincidence? Should we bite their hand off? Thanks. PV
  15. Hi, Just an update. Received a letter this morning stating my account will remain on hold until further notice as they are experiencing a delay in obtaining my CCA from the archives. They say 24 days has passed since my request. Question-how does this affect the Court claim please? Thanks PV
  16. Hi, Just an update. Received a letter this morning stating my account will remain on hold until further notice as they are experiencing a delay in obtaining my CCA from the archives. They say 24 days has passed since my request. Question-how does this affect the Court claim please? Thanks PV
  17. I think you need to remove your name and account number from the top of the form!!! It's important not to reveal personal details!!! PV
  18. Hi, Red Debt and Lowells are the same company. NEVER SPEAK TO THEM ON THE PHONE! Did you put anything in writing re the payment plan? Cancel any payment that you may have set up. Red/Lowells are well known on here and specialise in attempting to collect unenforceable debts. What do you think the debt is for? Credit Card? Overdraft? And how old is the debt? You should send either the "Prove It" letter or request a copy of the Consumer Credit Act Agreement (CCA). Give us some more info so you can be directed more. Hope this helps PV
  19. This might be of interest: Anyone heard of NCL Europe?? - MoneySavingExpert.com Forums PV
  20. I sent a stat barred to them last month and they wrote back claiming that I'd paid them 20 quid in 2004! I know that I never did so I wrote to ask for proof of the payment and just got the same "you made a payment in 2004" letter again. The day after that I got a County Court claim from them! Go stat barred but don't be surprised if a mystery payment was made by you that you know nothing about! I also CCA'd them but they've not sent me anything yet. Good Luck! PV
  21. I had a visit from Clarity Credit Solutions last April. He asked for me by name when I opened the door and I said "and you are....?". He said "it's about a little debt you have" at which point I said "Nothing to do with ME mate...!" and he said ok and disappeared! Never heard anything from them since... Scotcall took it on and I'm still waiting for an acknowledgement of my CCA request despite them having signed for it in July. PV
  22. Hi HAS, Yes, good advice, thanks. You know how it is, you feel better when you're firing stuff back at these idiots! Only got to wait until Saturday then their time's up with regard to deciding what they're doing. Will keep updating. Thanks again, PV p.s. I'm having a Carlsberg!
  23. Here you go: Creditors and DCAs - Consumer Wiki Letter "N". Edit to suit. Send a Postal Order. Do NOT sign the letter. Type across the top, "I DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE ANY DEBT TO YOUR COMPANY" PV
  24. A request for a CCA costs £1 so it sounds like he's taken 2 cheques from you to request these on your behalf? It costs £10 to request a Subject Access Request (S.A.R.) which asks the original creditor to send all documents, statements, record of phone calls etc. to you. This however, usually applies to overdrafts etc. So maybe that's the £10 one? If I were you, I'd cancel the cheques, it's always better to send postal orders so that you don't reveal your bank details to the collection agencies. I'll find a link to them (unless I'm beaten to it by someone!) PV
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