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  1. Thanks for the reply..the incident happened 3 years ago, they only wrote to me once and I ignored it then I am sure I binned it. I have it on good authority that because the university made no money last year on parking fines that they are now chasing up all unpaid fines for the last 7 years.
  2. I don't have any more paperwork, the original notice got thrown away and no I haven't moved house..thanks for your reply.
  3. Windscreen ticket Date of Infringement 28/03/2018 I have not appealed Parking Company First Parking LLP Car Park Location Keele University Keele Newcastle under Lyme Staffordshire Thank you for your reply. Is this the information that you require? I had problems with the copy and paste so I just typed it out.
  4. I have received a letter from dcbl - Notice of debt recovery - Unpaid parking charge of £150 This is in relation to a parking charge I received on private land in March 2018. The letter goes on to refer to the Supreme court decision about parking charges etc. And that I am no longer able to appeal the parking charge. It states I now have 14 days to pay outstanding amount or discuss repayment. And that..This case is not subject to High court or bailiff action however should you fail to contact us we will recommend to our client the commencement of legal action against you. Do I now have to pay the charge? Is this now a legal enforcement? Any response will be much appreciated. Thank you
  5. I received a parking fine in February 2008, at my place of work and on a private car park... several letters passed between myself and the car park company, in the end i just ignored all letters from them. Now nearly 4 years later i have received a letter from PS & P Ltd of Bolton who claim to have been appointed by Liberty services as debt collectors, and they are now chasing a £60 payment. I just wondered if anyone can offer me some advice regarding this matter please?
  6. Hi Can anyone help please. I have parked on the railway station today. I paid my £6 and clearly displayed the ticket in the windscreen. The one thing I didn't notice, until I got back to my car, was that I had parked in a 'STAFF' area of the car park by mistake (rushing to make sure I made my train!). The notice, issued by NCP, says 'NOTICE OF BREACH OF RAIL BYELAWS' at the top and my violation is parking in a staff only bay without a staff permit (I did have a ticket). Can anyone help in advising if this is a legal notice and should I pay???? Thanks
  7. Hi twinpig, yes I do indeed work at Keele. I received the ticket the 2nd day after the car par company kicked in, I think it was dated 26th February, I have still not paid it and do not intend doing so. The last letter I sent to them was on August 1st and I have not heard anything back from that. They talked about passing it to debt collection etc, so perhaps it is in the process of that at the moment. Do not let them frighten you into paying it. I can forward the copies of my letters that I sent to them if you wish, but you will have to send me your email address. The problem I have with the parking at Keele is that I am part time there and dont start till 10am so you can imagine my delight every morning trying to find a space. Only one week left of easy parking!!!! Hope this helps, let me know if I can help you with anything further..Regards...Kitty11
  8. Many thanks for your advice it is much appreciated and I will not be paying this fine.
  9. I parked my car on one of the University's car parks where I work, the car park in question is rough waste land and is not marked out in bays by white lines, the only available space that day was right at the top of the car park, on a small strip of tarmac, which I presume is used as a kind of pathway, onto the next car park, my car was parked partially on this pathway, although I was leaving plenty of space for anyone to pass by. I have parked in this space for many weeks, as have other drivers, without a warning or ticket, until this week, when the Universities car parks have started to be controlled privately by the Car Parking Partnership Ltd. There was a two week grace period prior to this week, when warnings were issued if you were not parked correctly, I did not receive any warning. On Tuesday this week I was issued with a ticket stating that I was parked so as to cause obstruction or inconvenience to others, the penalty £50 or £25 if paid within 14 days. The area I was parked had no notice to say keep clear, no parking, or any yellow lines and has I had had no warnings I presumed it safe to park there. The notice board on the car park only states that you have to have a valid parking permit (which I have) or a pay and display ticket. I am loathe to pay this fine as I already have paid for a parking permit, which allows unlimited time to park, could anyone please advise what my options are? I will be grateful of any comments.
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