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  1. Below are the two statements. Now, I must say, in all honesty, that I have at all times saying the truth. You will read below, that one of the officer says that That is a lie ! The police car did not chaise me right away with the lights on, but they took their time. I know that I am facing an uphill battle and that most probably I will loose. The issue here is, that I wanted to make a point and to let everyone know of the practice that goes on; and above all, to let the officers (when they will be in court with me) know that I fought for what was a lie. I also know that that doesn't change anything, but what is the alternative ??! Just take anything that is thrown at you. Ciao ps.I will post the results in due course. Date Monday 21st January 2008 About 17:30 hrs on 11th August 2007 I was on duty in Police uniform, in company with......on mobile patrol in a marked Police Vehicle. We were waiting to carry out a 'U' turn from the westbound carriageway at the Sussex Pad Traffic Lights on the A27 in Lancing. I observed the traffic lights on the westbound carriageway change to amber and then red before I begun watching the stop line to see if anyone would cross. After approximately one second from the lights changing to red I saw a Silver Bentley Continental MH04UPY belt past at about 80mph. PC .... then drove off after the Bentley. He stopped the vehicle by means of blue flashing lights and spoke to the driver whilst I checked the vehicle details on the Police Taf. n. Computer. Date Monday 12th January 2008 At approximatly 17:30 on Saturday 11th August 2007 I was on mobile traffic patrol duty driving a marked police vehicle on the A27 T on the Shoreham flyover (Westbound lane) waiting at a set of automatic traffic lights at the Sussex Pad junction with Coombes road waiting in the right turn lane at the red traffic light. At this time my observer was...... The A27 at this point has x4 lanes, one for turning right (the lane I was in) and x3 further lanes for westbound traffic which are controlled by the same primary automatic traffic light. The visibility was good and the traffic using the A27 westbound light. As I waited at my red light I was the only vehicle waiting to turn right. I saw that for westbound traffic the lights were green. As I waited I saw that the lights then changed to red for westbound. I heard from behind and to my left the sound of a powerful engine to accelerate and I saw a Bentley motorcar, silver in color go through the red light westbound on the A27. I immediately followed the Bentley and illuminated my blue lights, a short distance up the road I was able to signal the driver of this car to stop. Having caught up with it, I saw that the index number was MH04 UPY and that the car contained only the driver. The vehicle stopped and I spoke to the driver who gave me his name and address as.... I pointed out the offense to him and said "You have just come through a red light" I cautioned him he replied "I saw they had changed but I was there!" He was then issued a fixed penalty tickets for the offense. At the time of the offense the traffic lights were clear and unobscured, good visibility and light traffic.
  2. Nemeses, In all honesty, I did not see the police car anywhere,as I was looking at the traffic lights in case it changed. Stand at the PC's statement, they were on the slip road to the Lancing College (because they were to make a U turn within the A27). I will see if I can scan the two PC's statement and post them in here. My hearing is set for the 26th of March.
  3. Thanks Tony P I agree entirely with your approach it is definitely they way to go. In here, I am throwing my frustrations and anger at what it was an unfair event; in Court, it is a different matter. I like your note ! What is it, that you do for living ?!? If I might ask ! Your afterthought is simply, clear, to the point and fair. I remember having seen a notice in an office (in the USA) once saying: "Assumptions are mothers to all **** ups" ps: I will say, that on the day; I will not be let off of the offense accused but the Magistrate will seek a compromise as it is not a clear cut situation.
  4. To JonCris: This is a further prove that we do live in a police state. So, when it suits them, the support of a camera picture, video clips and many other aids are used and are of vital importance. When no other evidence is available, the police officer can just do anything he feels like.....Very good ! I hope I don't ever meet an officer that doesn't like the color of my eyes. I would like to remind the fact that I choose to go to court for the simple reason that I did not pass wjth the red light as stated by them, but amber. Had I done wrong I would have paid and got on with my life. Niether I passed through the lights at 80 mph as stated by them. I am not a crazy guy or an old lady's killer. What I am facing here is a blatant show of power abuse nothing different from the many plonkers that work as security officers at airport. Harassing fellow passengers for petty things just to show who is in charge !
  5. Thank you for your very constructive advise. I will call the Court on monday to check if I can withdraw my statement without it to cause problems. It was not required by the Court, and I will attend anyway. I think I will stand a better chance to have the charges reduced somehow, if I orally explain (having had the opportunity to hear all of your views) my case. I have a business locally, and contribute in the local community, in addition I am 58 years of age and i don't drive like a maniac. I will let you know of the outcome in due course; if in the meantime anyone might have some good points that could help to my case I will appreciate your comments. Thanks again to all of you for your help. Ciao
  6. You sound like the policeman now. I was not and I wouldn't never drive through a traffic light at 70 mph let alone at 80 mph. That brings to mind; how on earth were the policemen able to assess my speed, they were not following me. They were simply stationary on a slip road. I think, more and more, that I should have never send my statement to the court; and politely argue my case in court. Instead I have appeared arrogant and guilty. But then again I am not English and I do not have control of the language.
  7. I was doing 40 mph at the time. The speed limit on that road is the standard 70 mph found on motorways, the A27 is a dual carriageway. Traffic lights warning signs are well posted before as is the position of a camera. I think you are right in saying that I incriminated myself in that statement. I was not required to send one anyway, and I know very well not to say more than you need to. I just thought the camera would do me right. It is not my fault if it is a dummy one; I didn't know that. I guess...I will have to face the music and dance! Thank you
  8. Thank you all for your input, really appreciated. Really, I am not concerned about the fine, are the penalty points that I don't like. This exercise is to gather as much as useful info which I could use in Court in my defense. In addition to what I wrote, I would like to make few points that I omitted; a) I was virtually underneath the lights when they turned amber, I faced the choice of slumming on the brakes (and stopping in the middle of the road) or quickly accelerate through it. b) One of the officer, reported in the statement that I went through at 80 mph. c) The marked police car, did not chase me right away with lights on; but they followed me for about 1/4 mile before they flashed me to stop (even though we passed a big lay by). I drive a Bentley Conti GT, and unfortunately I raise gelousy and envy. Police officers are just like any other human being, if anything (not many, fortunately) abuse their status. I thought of adding below my defense statement sent to the Court. Thank you once more Peppino Statement of facts of (EDIT) Dear Sir/Madam, My name is (edit), I am the legal owner and driver of the motor vehicle (EDIT). I have a business in Worthing and I live in Oxted, consequently I travel most days to and from work, I am very familiar with that section of road where Shoreham Airport and the Lancing College converge into the A27 and the “Sussex Pad” is located. Here there is a big set of traffic lights to coordinate viability. To this purpose and because of the danger driving through it, it exist a traffic light camera on the A27 westbound carriageway for all those people that pass through a red light. In the afternoon of the11th of August 2007, I was as usual going to work driving westbound on the A27. As one can see the traffic lights way back to the Shoreham flyover I reduced speed in preparation to a change in the traffic lights. I was, virtually underneath the lights when they turned into amber, I had a choice, to slam on the brakes or to quickly pass through. I decided to pass, as, before it would turn into red I would have been through it. Once, passed the sets of traffic lights, I noticed a police car well behind me. I continued driving normally not thinking of anything. At about a 1/4 mile from the traffic lights the police lights went on and they signed me to stop. I quickly stopped at a bus lay by. An officer came to the car and told me that I had passed through a red light. I denied the charges and I stated that I had passed on amber, but, the officer proceeded with the contravention. I did not say anything after that as, knowing the existence of the camera at that particular place I would be cleared of the contravention in a Court of Law. I would also like to say, that, had I knowingly passed through the red lights as stated by the officers I would have paid the fine and not have wanted to come to Court to waist anybody’s time. In answer to the report about the powerful sound, the type of car I was driving has a set of sport exhaust system as standard and do make a bit of a loud noise under any circumstances. To conclude, I would like to say that, no one, not even a mad man will drive through a set of traffic lights at 80 mph (as stated by one of the officers) specially the one sets which I am accused of on the A27. (EDIT) Date
  9. Back in Aug. of last year, I went through a set of traffic lights while on amber. A police car parked near by, followed me, and eventually stopped me, accusing me of having driven through a red light. They gave me a ticket and took my driving license, which would have been endorsed with 3 points and a £ 60.00 fine. On the bottom of the ticket a tear away section showed I had a choice to go to court or pay the fine. I choose to go to Court as matter of principle as I had not driven through red lights, in addition this particular sets of traffic lights have a camera which will take picture of anyone going through red. Last week, I received the summon from the Magistrate Court for the hearing to be held towards the end of March. In the Court letter, there were two statements one from each police officer, one dated the 12 and the other the 21 of Jan 2008 (five months after the event) also, the facts in the statements, were quite strong and untrue (obviously to substantiate their claims) anyway; I ask any of you if: a) The length of time between the event and the statement's date is normal, or could be used in my favor. b) No picture taken by the camera is a proof of the fact that I did not go through red, and in my favor. c) Can the words of these two officers be gospel or I can somehow show abuse. d) What chance of success I have. I will really appreciate if any of you have experiences of this sort or knows how to go by in court to bring out justice. I feel that, the fact I wanted to go to Court have put the officers in a position to make claims to defend their contravention. Thank you very much for your help in this matter.
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