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  1. Hi Ben, I'm just writing my complaint letter but need More of your help (sorry!). You said my ground for complaint is that Connaught are abusing process by not following proper procedure in issuing a SD. The problem is i don't know what the correct procedure should be which meas 1) I'm not confident in presenting my complaint 2)it's gonna make for a short complaint letter!. i would be very grateful if you could give me rough guide to the procedure they should have followed or possibly post me a link to a thread that explains more about this. Many thanks Carl
  2. Brilliant, CCA letter is now done. Starting complaint straight way. In relation to the statutory payment for the CCA am i OK to send a cheque or is it safer to send a postal order?(as it doesn't have my bank details on it) Also i have read on this site that i should not hand sign the letter, would both of you guys concur with that view? Sequenci, By starting a set aside request does this not help the prove that the SD was served as I'm acknowledging receipt? Many thanks Lapos
  3. Hi Ben, ok, thank you very much, i'll get on with the CCA now then, recorded delivery i assume? Would it be fair to say i'm best getting on with my set aside request now as well? and should i start the complaints procedure staight away but post the compalint seperate from the CCA? Thanks again Lapos
  4. Hi Tom, I'm up at 6 am tomorrow so i'm afraid i must now retire. So please don't think i'm rude if i don't reply to any further posts tonight but again i'd like to thank you and i hope i can pick up with you tomorrow. Many thanks Lapos
  5. Hi Tom, Many thanks for taking the time to reply. -It was sent second class i think(franklin stamp for only 36p on an a4 envelope) -No i dont own my own home, it.s in my girlfriends name. Account was opened early 2003 roughly, unfortunately and strangely there's not an acount on my experian file.
  6. Hi All, First things first what and incredible forum this is i have fell upon and it's great to see so many selfless people willing to help without a hidden agenda. This is my 1st post and a cry for urgent help i'm afraid. I have just come home to a "Statutiry demand under section 268(1)(a) of the insolvancy act 1986"Debt for liquidated debt payable immediately. form 6.1 for £2696. This is from an old credit card debt with MBNA, is now owned by 1st credit(finance)ltd but the demand is being made by connaught collections uk ltd on 1st credit's behalf. This debt is an old debt from a bad period of my life. I tried making effort to resolve this last year but got fed up with being shoved from pillar to post. Now, i certainly cannot afford to be associated with a bankrutcy as I'm a registered FSA Mortgage Advisor now and could lose my licence to trade, so this has got to a point of major concern. I am very tempted just to call up and pay it tomorrow even if it does leave me skint as i'm so worried but on the other hand i'm sure they don't have the original credit agreement as i applied for it twice last year so feel quite compelled to fight these gits but am very afraid of getting the bankruptcy order and am not sure where to start. Any help from the pro's on here would be more than appreciated as i just can't afford to get this wrong! Many thanks to all Lapos
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