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  1. Hi drob, cheers for that mate, ive been in touch. Ill let you know the result
  2. Hi drob, if you haave any luck plz let me know. I have no idea who to contact. annie
  3. Hi drob, ive just read your post about the HPi check. We are having mega probs with this, as you said the BILL OF SALE is not enforcable so they cannot re=posses but yes the credit aggreement is enforcable. We have asked them to remove the vehicle from the HPI register but all they did was ammend it changing it to 'credit sale' which is just re-worded. oes anyone know how to get a vehicle removed from the HPI list???? Regards Annie
  4. Hi Guys, Im not sure if this will help but ive found a number for Community Legal Advice based in Sheffield that we used to help with TFC 0845 456 6818. They know TFC well, drob, explain what you have received to them and they may help, you may need to email/fax/post them a copy, but worth a shot mate! Let me know how you get on?
  5. Hi drob, we asked them for a settlement figure and they said £7,700, we have already paid them £7,200, so they are basically wanting nearly £15k for a car now worth £1700. We have been told they are now an unsecured creditor so just make them a reasonable monthly offer which we did but they wouldnt accept, we also offered to give them the car back in return for 'wiping the slate' but again they refused, they want a minimum of £6k. I would take them to court to get the HPI removed but i understand its a costly process!!!!!
  6. Ask TFC to send you a copy of the stamped BILL OF SALE, unlikely you will get it as they never registered it!!!! They cannot take your car and do not surrender it. The problem we have now is they wont remove it from HPI register even though they cannot take the car. Does anyone know how i can get it removed????HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I have asked them to remove it but all they did was change the listing from HP agreement to Credit sale which is basically the same thing but worded differently!!!! So i cant sell the car. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Has anyone spoken to 'RORY' from TFC....He is so funny, ties himself up in knots, he will tell you its a bad line and ask for a number to call you back on just to get a contact number, then you will be bombarded with phone calls. Whoever invented Pay and Go mobiles, well done....So easy to change your number lol.
  8. Hi again guys, Everyone check their finance agreements if they are a BILL OF SALE they are null and void as they did not register with the London High court of justice. They cannot reposses your car if you have a null and void BILL OF SALE. We contacted CCLS credit counsel legal service, sorry guys i cant find the number but they are based in cheshire and know TFC well. DONT GIVE IN
  9. Hi WIno and louis wu, thanks, am looking forward to getting involved
  10. Hi Guya, Dont pay them anything, stand your ground, we did and won Annie & Shaun
  11. I know where your coming from mate, we got ccs legals onto the funding corp. The Bill of sale we had was totally void, we had a letter from the funding corporation saying they could not reposses the car because the bill of sale was void. Keep fighting it...you will win....we did!
  12. Just wanted to say hi to everyone really, ive been reading through all the threads and this looks like a cool place to be....lots of helpful stuff
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