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  1. Hi Everyone, I first submitted my complain to Lloyds on the 1st September 2007 but never had any letters from them. I submitted a completed to FOS on 7th February 2008 because I was informed by the FOS that until i recieved a final responce from Lloyds that my complaint could not go any further. I contacted Lloyds who informed me that a final responce letter had been sent to me which I never recieved. I requested a copy of the responce on 2 occassions and I never recieved the responce. I have been in contact with FOS today and they have informed me that FOS are in high level ta
  2. Good evening everyone, I have just spend the last 30 minutes on the phone with Sky Customer Services because I dont normally check the bank and leave it to wife. I have been informed by Sky that because we removed the phone lines from both sky boxes that they have been charging me for 2 separate subscriptions since December of last year and they have told me that they have sent me letters but I have never seen these letters. I have been informed that they would not been refunding the additional subscription which totals over £160. I am very mad and I have now cancelled everything we ha
  3. Is there a template letter for the CCA request and also I would be greatful for the correct address to issue the request. Thanks
  4. Good morning all. I thought it good idea to start my own thread as I will starting the process of requesting CCA from Lloyds. I am mainly a little worried about the collections calls from LLoyds because I have had dealings with them in the past and they are very rude and I have found it very hard to explain the situation but hopefully with the help and advise from these forums will easy the process. Thanks so much.
  5. Ihave now completed my allocation questionnaire and sent a copy to the other side and yesterday i recieved a copy of there allocation questionnaire and will wait and see what happens.
  6. Legal and issued a defence and I have now recieved my allocation questionaire to complete and return.
  7. My wife has been stopped today by the police and has been given a £60 fine and 6 points on her licence. I thought that it was only £60 fine and 3 points ? Thanks for your advise. Wesley
  8. I have now issued court action against Legal & General, lets wait and see what happens fingers crossed.
  9. I am attending CAB tommorrow to get advise about takeing Legal & General to court.
  10. Hi Everyone, I am desperate for some advise, I have recieved the response from FOS which is upholding £400 compensation but I am very unhappy with this and think it is an insulting offer. Does anyone know were I can go from here ? Do I need to take them to court and if so how ?
  11. Thanks, i have sent letter M to the company concerned on behalf of my father.
  12. Hi All, My father has recieved a letter from a debt recovery company stating they are chasing a debt from 1994. My father i unaware of any outstanding debt and when he called the agent and gave his last 2 address the company stated that neither address were correct. He is quite concerned about this. Is it true that after 6 years they are unable to chase a debt ? He is also concerned that this credit that has been applied for under his name by another person, the reason for this think is that a linked address was deleted from credit file because he has never lived in this addr
  13. UPDATE: I have finally had the responce from Ombudsman to say my complaint has been handed over to a adjudicator (almost 8 months). I am very happy that it has finally gone through to a adjudicator and hopefully this can all be resolved because it is causing me problems getting home insurance because of this ongoing complaint. I will come back when I have more news - good news hopefully. Anyways just thought I would update the posting.
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