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  1. Hello Nathal, I worked for Welcome for about 6 months last year. I can assure you that ppi is deliberately and systematically missold to all customers in all branches of WFS. This is unwritten company policy but quieltly inculcated to its employees. I am involved in exposing this fraudulent behavior and am interested to know exactly how they sold this to you. You could if you wish email me directly to [email protected] Regards.
  2. Hi, i actually worked for welcome finance, i know all about there tactics in confusing customers in the misselling of insurances. I am also involved in a judicial process against Welcome in which, amongst other complaints, i am alleging that Welcome deliberately tricks its employees to missell their insurance products and in turn to trick their customers. Iwould be interested in cooperating with anybody else who has a story about them or is interested in taking action against them.
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