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  1. I am trying to help my sister in law with her fianances since her husband died in June. Trying to tread carefully because she is in a very vunrable state. She has an Equity Loan with HFC and her payments are £600+ a month. Now she tells me that they did go to the omnibus when her husband was first diagnosed with rapid MS in 2008 but there was no PPI on the loan. She has been paying the above amount each month out of savings even though her husband became incapable of dealing with finances late 2008. I actually got to see the credit agreement and having dealt with welcolme finance the credit agreement didn't look like it was worth the paper it was written on. She also signed this credit agreement so the loan has transferred over to her. I have told her not to speak to them on the phone which landed on deaf ears as she did discuss with them her present situation applying for ESA (employment support ) they agreed to send an income and expenditure form and are moving her payments till later in the month. They also said they would give her till sometime in September to send this I&E form back (haven't seen that letter) so I don't know the exact date but they are still taking the full amount from her bank account. If i had delt with this how I wanted I would have got all payments stopped until she knows what her future finances are going to be. Now I would like advice how to deal with this would you recommend SAR that way I have a copy of everything and hopefully see if there was any PPI on the loan or not. I can see we are going to have real trouble with HFC because when we do get to the adjusted payment stage it's not going to be anywhere near what they will want her to pay. I want to make this as less painful as possible for her because of her circumstances but know to these corporations she is just a number and they have no feeling or sentiment to her predicament.
  2. zodiac78

    SAR help pls

    Can someone pm me the SAR that I need to send to CSA since they refuse to listen to phone requests. Having the same problem as most on here where they just pluck figures out of thin air and think we will sit back and just pay it. It's amazing how 3yrs ago when started dealing with them they didn't recieve the wage slips I sent on behalf of my partner and yet now 3yrs later they suddenly know what his salary is and where he works and send out a work order to his employer !!!!!!!!!!!! And to boot they say he owes £9,000+ arrears. Me thinks they need their calculator calibrating or purchase a new one and put that one in the bin If someone can forward the SAR to me would be grateful. thanks
  3. The viewing card was on a piece of carboard and only had instructions how to insert it and activate it. Which the engineer did when he fitted the box. There were no t&c with it at all and certainly no contract which I had to sign and send back. So therefore I would say the original 2001 and one and only contract is the lawful contract. This aside it just annoys me so much how Sky have such a monopoly and the billions the company earn their customer service and communication is (french word here ).Besides the multi room I haven't had any communiction from them since 2003. I am glad I don't run my business like them I would be bankrupt by now. For people who live in the sticks such as myself we have no choice but to use their service. Free view is useless to us even with the most up to date box and ariel we can only recieve 10 channels and dab radio well that's a joke 4 stations and one of them is bird song! Luckily I can get many on sky to listen to whilst I do my ironing.
  4. Great to see you got sorted out so easily ErikaPNP. Nice to see you again postggi hows the knees? Perhaps you can answer a question for me Postggi. I have had sky since 2001 only in the main room. 2 years ago my son wanted sky in his room. I relented and phoned sky they sent an engineer put in a box for him. We did have a telephone line to it but not trusting my kids to rack up a bill with the interactive services I removed it. I noticed last month that since March i have been charged £104.00 instead of usual payment to them of £62.25. I rang them to ask why and was told my sky boxes where not connected to a telephone. So i went out brought new extentions and new connectors for the boxes and rang again and they checked they were connected. They did say they had sent me 3 warning letters since January which I have never recieved. (don't know where they sending them but it's not here) They told me they would fully refund me. Great. Checked this months statement and once again they have overcharged me. I rang yesterday and they say phone lines are still coming up not connected. They going to ping them again I am to ring them sometime this evening. Think this may be because we have a withheld number which apparently causes a problem. My question to you postggi is this. I have never have had a multiroom contract just the engineer coming to fit box and put new cable to satalitte. In my contract that I do have from 2001 it states. Telephone line to be connected to the sky box for 12 month period. The only communication I have had off sky through the post was the additional sky card for the new box in 2009. If I have never had a new contract and we have had the new multi room box for 2 years + now then they can not overcharge me because I haven't broken my contract and I am entitled to take out the telephone line from the back of the box as the 12 month period is over. What do you think Postggi I know you are a wizz with contractual law your thoughts will be greatly appreiciated.
  5. Thanks for your reply. Trouble is they know I run internet business and yes I am a fool. I lock the door now in the day cos her hubby just walks straight in he don't even knock. We have always got on with them but they are known to be one of the "hardo" families of the street if you get my drift so reporting them to police is the last resort because we know they will make life hell but it's looking more like will have to bit the bullet and report them.
  6. My problem or rather my son's problem is a little different to most. He had some goods from a catalogue 5 years ago from one of my friends in the street. He had his little booklet which was marked each time he paid and the agent kept it. The agent now has real financial troubles and in May another neighbour brought across a letter addressed to my son from an address we have never lived at (we moved houses in the same street 5yrs ago). It was from a catalogue company saying he owed £900+ and he had defaulted and it was to be paid immediatly. Obviously my son rang the number given and was pushed from pillar to post, one department said it was his debt another said it was the agents and not to worry and then the third department said it was the agents debt and that they would look into it and sort it out. It's pretty obvious that the agent had still been ordering things for herself and her children and grand kids in my son's name. Now I know why she has 3x 50"tv's in her house. My problem here is that he has once again got another letter this time they have escalated the debt and are going to transfer it to a collection agency. I know my son needs to send a letter stating that he is not the owner of this debt but Sandrigham House just don't seem to be listening. I really don't want to get the police involved on this although it is a clear case of identity theft and or obtaining goods by deception. We now live right next door to the culprit and it would cause a lot of friction. Althought they don't seem in the least ashamed of what they have done and still come in and out of my house as they like to use the internet because theirs has been cut off!!!!!!!!!! Could someone advise me how to go about clearing my son's name from this debt and how to get the catalogue company concerned to actually take this seriously and transfer the debt to it's rightful owner
  7. hoping you see this thread postggj wanted to pm you but your box is full. Getting to court stage with welcome now will post all the details for everyone to see when this sorry saga is finally over.
  8. forgot to say Rossendales have been the better party in all of this, it's the council that seem to keep putting stumbling blocks in our way
  9. Council sent paper work for subject access request finally. They have sent a tenancy agreement has no pen writting on it or signature, not even the address of rented property. So this is not the original there is still no break down of how they got to sum of £9582.87 just an invoice saying Cost of work £7091.86 Admin £1063.78 ( worked out this 15%) Vat £1427.24 ( worked out this 17.5%) ANY help with this admin business would be appreciated personally think that is rip off I am compiling a letter to get them to comply with subject access request and break this down further because in one internal correspondence the replaced boiler cost £3,000 so where did £7091.86 come from ?????????????? The council have shot themselves in the foot really because they took her to court for both accounts before christmas because they were not accepting the £5.00 a week offered until benefits in place. Court ruled £5.00 a week due to earnings. Now unless they reapply once her benefits are in place she doesn't have to pay anymore than that. They said they still went head with court to cover their backs increasing the debt by court charges of £220 Any help or advice on this would be greatly appreciated
  10. bogeyed try starting a new post in the debt section under debt collection industry see if someone can help you in there about the debt collectors. I am getting legal advice on friday about welcome to the cost of £100.00 so i will let you know what is said re secret commissions etc good luck
  11. just found two more threads on commissions for you BBC NEWS | Business | Court lets woman off £8,000 loan Insurance broker remuneration: law and regulation | OUT-LAW.COM by Pinsent Masons LLP hope you are looking on the debt part of this site and finding usefull information
  12. hi fulhamjim don't know about stopping payments or putting account into dispute i am sure someone will come along and advise u on this but the SAR for welcome is on another thread "welcome----need help" it's number 28 i am sure post won't mind me telling you where it is because it's his special one for welcome.
  13. Hi bogeyed hope u and son are ok haven't heard anything from you. I haven't heard anything from OFT , no suprises there. I am totally confused of how we have hit the jackpot with the secret commision because case files i read the debt did not get wiped out just the commision paid back I got so many things i can throw the book at welcome about but don't know which one is the best avenue. I hope you are nearer a solution
  14. hi bogeyed just me again i found this link for u on the subject of commission http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/payment-protection-insurance-ppi/170647-secret-commisions.html
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