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  1. as the title says, I need some advice. Last night I was playing taxi service to my Mum, a small price to pay for the 17 years she did it for me. On my way I came to a mini roundabout slowing down as, the left turning is blind and I could see headlights. The car then jumped into the wrong lane cut the mini roundabout and caught my car, scraping the front bumper with the side of his car. I was about 2 feet away from the give way lines on the roundabout. It was then the pursuing police car came shooting past, pursuing the other car. After stopping and checking
  2. Hello, I am on here asking for help with for my brother who has started a new job. Me brother is working for a private healthcare company as a Support Worker for a client with Learning Disabilities. His issue is that his shift patterns in my eyes possibly breach HSE/Working Time Directive. The shifts are, Early 07:30-14:30, Late 14:00-21:30 and Nights 21:30-07.30. The night shifts are sleep in shifts where he is paid £40 for the night unless he is needed and then he gets his normal hourly wage. My concerns are that they have told him that there are no breaks during shifts w
  3. They state they did not receive a Notice to Owner, Charge Certificate or a Order for Recovery.
  4. They knew about the original ticket however forgot it due to a family matter that arose at the time. What they did not know about was the matter being taken to court, or the letters that Marston say they posted and hand delivered. Also they have not moved address.
  5. Ok bear with me on this as I have been trying to help my cousin out with her problem. Today Marston came round to her house and took possession of her car. When she contacted them, they explained it was for a Parking Ticket issued by Essex County Council last year. This was the first that either my cousin or her husband had heard about it. Marston said they had written to them and hand delivered a letter, yet my cousin has nothing of the sort from them. My problem is in understanding the process by which this debt should be claimed. Would a warrent of distress been issued or not
  6. Thank you for all the help so far, I have been through the divorce paperwork and there was no financial settlement as his ex wife refused to acknowledge the solicitors letters in respect of financial matters. However, I have another problem with the endowment policy. My mum contacted Legal and General in respect of the documents/claim form etc who have refused to provide them, further Legal and General have said they would pay the money out to his ex wife despite the mortgage company or the will. Now as I understand that as Executor of the estate she would need to see those d
  7. I shall check the divorce settlement, however, as I understand at the moment there was nothing in any of the settlement paperwork in respect of the jointly owned property. My father paid for the mortgage interest and premiums for 12 years when he split with ex wife to make sure that his children had a home to live in and then his ex wife paid the premiums and mortgage interest for the last 13 years as she was living in the house on her own.
  8. At this very second no, as we have notified the mortgage provider yesterday and won't hear back from their bereavement team until next week. They did provide us with a set of figures that appear to be the original mortgage amount, arrears owe and an extra £5000 with fees on top. This is not the first time his ex wife has done something similar and I am concerned that the signature on the paperwork will be false as my Dad would have said no. Yet his estate would be liable for a debt he did not want or incur.
  9. Hi, Just a bit of background as this is for my Mum. Since 23rd July 2012 she has been working as a Practice Manager for a GP Surgery, 2 1/2 weeks ago her husband of 18 years died unexpectedly with its own issues in another thread. Since then she has had the funeral and has also been to her doctors and obtained a sick note for bereavement which lasts until next Friday. My mum contacted her boss to go in on Monday to do the wages for the employees and sort out some other bits, but the main partner of the surgery has told her he wants the keys back and a meeting in regards to her future
  10. Hi, I am posting this on behalf of my Mum as my Dad passed away 2 weeks ago and she is just starting the requirements for probate etc. However, I have been helping her and come across something I need advice on. My Dad was previously married but they divorced, with this they jointly owned a house with a mortgage and endowment policy. As I understand that regardless of the will that states my Mum is sole beneficarcy his ex wife would inherit his half of the house. Though my question is the endownment policy had a death payment sum should either my dad or his ex wife die, who wou
  11. The £300.00 was not for a holding deposit, I checked this before I handed over the money. It was for the following items previously mentioned and nothing else. Issues where caused on both sides by the council and the letting agent.
  12. There is no deposit, we are on the council bond scheme, which ha caused issues due to one person being fired and the other going off sick with my paperwork in their car, the property has been empty since 2011.
  13. Hi, I need some advice as I am unsure of my position at the moment. Oct 2012 I found a property to rent through a local letting agents, I paid £300.00 in fees. I applied for the Council bond scheme which had no end of issues with it, fast forward too today it is now all sorted. I am now at the point of signing the AST, however a recent inspection of the property has found both white and black mold all over the place, the wall are not just damp but soaking wet, and the damp proof that was supposed to have been done, wasn't. When I viewed the property in Oct 2012 none of this was evide
  14. Hi, I am in need of advice in regards to my rent deposit as it would appear that it has gone missing. In August 2008 I moved into my current property and my deposit was placed into a 'TDS' however, in 2010 the landlords agents failed to file their company accounts and their membership to the 'TDS' was terminated. Following that the company went into liquidation. The Liquidators have carried out investigations and found that the client account only had £19,000 in it with a shortfall of £110,000, namely rent deposits and rent monies due. Unfortunately nobody knew about this earlier as the l
  15. Hi, I have been out of work for about 18 months due to my health but only claim JSA as Ii want to find work and get on with my life and not have my ill health rule my life. I was refered to a Work Program 6 months ago that is run by a private company in line with the governments unemployment policy. This morning I was had to attend a appointment to complete an application for a job, however, there where a number of issues with this job that had me concerned and also questions the legality of the position. The job is for a private home care company, the position is a 'sleep in carer'
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