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  1. hi im £700 arrears in my rent they stop my housing benefit in may and had to reapply but also in the mean time I got my self a 3hr job in the evening as for a year and a half I had to stop working a full time job as last march my husband had a swelling on the brain and was in a coma for a week and a half and has been left with permanent brain damage so my daughter keeps an eye on him when she finishes work so I can get out for 3hrs ive been served with a court summons and at my wits end I've spoke to the council and asked them if I can pay what I can afford until my benefit has been sorted but
  2. hi can anybody help my daughter has 2 children a 5 month old and nearly 3 year old.lives with myself ,my husband,son 21years old,daughter 17 years old we have a bedroom ,son abedroom,daughter a bedroom.my daughter sleeps down stairs with baby and daughter,been bidding on council propertys for nearly 2years no luck,i no they wont rehouse her as she isnt homeless and she has a home.my husband has a few medicle problems,accident at work left with bad back diagnoised with osteopina,diabetic since he was 5 ,suffers from depression,my health isnt great suffer depression due to stress work night shif
  3. :-xhelp,battery charger not working,and space key fell out,not ayear old yet would i be able to return and replace think i got reciept.
  4. no i didnt ill send again tomorrow and send them recorded delivery whoops!sorry
  5. hi ellen wrote to these people sent them on friday morning people still phoning me,and got a letter from one saying action required saying not recieved a payment and they will pass it on to solicitors to take legal action or instruct a local collection agent to collect te outstadng balance shall i wait will they have recieved my letter,or what is the next step thanks
  6. have had dealings with triton paid for awhile stopped paying couldnt afford to bullied it to high payment aggrement so they then sold on to other companies ive had enough just missed paying july payment had big money problems this month so wrote to all my creditors ive dropped their monthly payments big time told them ill start paying september and wrote to them to stop phone harrasing me put up with this crap for to long ill pay as little aspossible life is to short .time to start enjoying what money i earn and start sticking up for my rights,it took some realizing i dont owe theses leeches n
  7. thanxs ell-enn ill give it ago your a great help
  8. thanks ellen ,whilst am at i i will tell them i can only afford realistic amounts a month ,as i feel i was kind of pushed in to paying monthly amounts they requested,and some months i struggle a little,what with myhusband on incapacity benefit due o accident at work thats why the house went yourin te wrong job ellen thanks
  9. sorry ellen how do i find the letter and do i send letter to origional creditors whom i didnt pay in the beginning god im so crap at this
  10. please ,that would be great if you could help me with a letter,but do i need to tell them things will be back to narmal in a month someone told me you can offer them £1 token but who do you offer that to the dca or the original lender(i.e lloyds tsb)
  11. hi ,what is a cca i would like to send one to all 5 of my dcas as well as a telephone harasment letter,god how im pooping myself,
  12. hi ellen thanksfor all yhe help you gave me through my mortgage problem its been a year now and im mortgage free living in a coucil house,got more problems if you could possibly lead me in the right direction i have around 5 debt arreas with different dca,missed one payment this month on all of them (pay by standing order)well,they never stop calling im fed up sod it saying iva aggreed yes,but not signed anything,were do i start i can afford to pay them but had enough just want a little freedom enjoy the money i earn for a change please direct me thanks
  13. god i get so worried as i vcan probly afford to pay them and my fault for getting in arreas but at the moment i think sod it had enough hassel with mortgage company think lifes to short have a little money and live a while is that selfish and greedy its additions catologe
  14. i had aphone call today from theseidiotslast month isort of got bulliedin to choosing three options in the end just for peace i said yes ill pay £20 and £145 amonth he said it will bepaid off by christmas notrealising i cant afford with husband on incapacity benefit i also haveother debtsto pay off toldhim ill pay £50on friday which cant really afford isit right you can offer £1 a month would i still be ableto that with my other debts had to sell house last year as couldnt afford mortgaage due to husbsbands accident at work nearly was repossesed twice but with help from a lady on here she gotm
  15. i,ive got debts of around £15k im working husband on incapacity benefit i pay around £290 a month formy debts this month couldt afford as some weeks left with little money been on debt management before a few years ago stillkeptgetting phone calls they wasnt paying my credititors on time,mised one month on all m creditors couldnt belive it had phone call at 8am from one wanting money,fed up now need advice on a iva
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