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  1. hi not been on here for a while anyone know what address to use to send in bank charges reclaim thanks
  2. another way to look at it if i live next door to you and you owe me £50.00 and i take your benefit book or your bank card!!!!!!!! am i stealing from you or taking without your consent or fraud ???????????? cos any of these are what the banks are doing
  3. i am a big believer of cash and the post office i was on benefits and did my weekly trip that was good paid my bills and what was left was for me and my kids....NOT THE BANK my sister not on benefit what was left would be for her and the kids NOT THE BANK its time for us all to think what is hapening
  4. ABOUT TIME ..........GOT THE FIGHT BACK IN ME.......... well the mean man in black with the white shirt gave me a visit today hamering on my door but i ignored him :grin:(WHAT MUST MY NEIGHBOURS THINK ) left me a lovely note must pay up in 24 hours or they coming for my stuff well he put down 2 car reg numbers 1 is mine on finance can they take it ? the other is not mine but outside my house and he also stated he will enter my property me here or not so i rang the national debt helpline for abit of advice mainly if they can enter my house ........ :-? as i have 2 gsd's that do like to protect there home and owner i have signs that they are guard dogs and they will bite ........ just wanted to make sure if my dogs bite i could not get sued and cost me more .... national debtline were 100 % helpful and was good to talk and think i should also put in a formal complaint to hsbc as they have restricted any move i could have possible taken with regard to any of this but when the man in black with the white shirt comes tomorrow i am going to smile and say thank-you ! you made me get of my arse and speek to national debtline (THIS WILL BE SAID FROM AN UPSTAIRS WINDOW WITH ALL MY DOORS LOCKED WINDOWS CLOSED AND ONE OF MY GSD'S IN THE HOUSE THE OTHER IN THE GARDEN .............i would also like to thank everybody who has given me advice to this matter and will let you know what happens with MR BALIFF tomorrow
  5. you can to the department of work and pensions so dont see why you cant to the inland revenue (freedom of information and all that stuff )PLEASE DONT QUOTE ME
  6. hi everyone not long ad internet bak on . well i am well and truly stuffed WOT CAN I DO NOW PLEASE HELP hsbc got charge on my house i sent them a s.a.r. they gave me two years bank statements (WHICH I ALREADY DOWNLOADED ) no credit card statements which i need and told me i hav to pay £10.00 for each account.and want to know why i want the information how can i put in a defence or even a claim if they will not give me the information i need and to top the lot got letter from the court bailiffs to say they are on there way
  7. discharged bankrupt 18 months ago cos a little confussed as how things seem to work thanks to any one who could help
  8. hi ya not having much luck computer keeps crashing so am going to type everything up then post it hopefully should hav it on here later or tomorrow how long do i get to have something set aside thanks and do's it matter how long the thred is
  9. Hi pt Thank you for looking in so quick. The application was for a final charge on the house. The judge was not interested in the unenforceable agreement issue. She just said I can apply for the judgement to be set aside but wouldnt stand much of a chance of getting it set aside. Oh and it would cost me a £75.00 for the pleasure! Any advice you can give would be very much appreciated. Thanks again loc
  10. friday afternoon think they all just wanted to go home i will say i found that judge very intimidating
  11. well went court today and i must say i think the judge must hav shares in hsbc as i walked in the room she said i was lucky to as i was late ( i was infact there 40 mins be for the time)what a waste of time she had no interest in anything i had to say d&g solicitor was in the room already and the judge said we have not been discussing your case think she made her mind up before i went in as she put the charge on my house anyway and told me to try to have it set aside but dont stand much of a chance as i borrowed the money so i have to pay it back felt like i was in the head teachers room .... so how do i try and hav this set aside and and would i be able to ask for a different judge as she said iv done 50 or 60 charging orders today her words to me were did u borrow money i said yes she said then u hav to pay it back dont think they will make u sell yur house for £4000 making the order u can go that was the jist of it WHAT A BIT*H dont no if i can swear any one with a bit of help please what should i do now
  12. can you still claim bank charges if you were made bankrupt and the debt you owed the bank was writen off.
  13. have been on national debtline dont understand most of it and as far as i know i have no ccj just the interim charge on my house and i am not at all good in front of a judge :o
  14. Thank you ,there are no terms and conditions this is all that dg sent me . what should i do now as they have put a interim charge on my house any advice would be greatful as it in court again on 1st august
  15. at last i have now managed to do it...
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